Meaning of dreams - what do you think it means?

  • I've been on a medication which pretty much blocks a receptor in my brain which is associated with hallucinating for a different reason.

    However, during sleep, i get really vivid dreams and have learned quite alot about their nature and have few theories about their meaning.

    But note these two possibilities:

    • The dreams are a direct effect/product of the drug (completely different state from REM) /or/ the drug enhances ability to remeber and 'experience' the dream (REM on steroids)

    Im making all of these analysis based on the assumption (second one) that this medication is just like adderall for studying physics whereby - it helps you learn and memorise more efficiently of the physics content (the dream). NOT the drug giving me a chemistry textbook (fully swapping the 'dream' state w/ another state induced by drug)

    1. Dreams are a visual sequence of the subconscious mind traveling a randomized line of thought. Confusing? Well here's an exaple-

    lets say your new friend looks like your fav musician- in your dream you are walking at school like you always do and when you look at his face you suddenly are at their gigs.

    NATURE OF YOUR PRECEPTION IN A DREAM - in a dream, you perceive that nothing is weird and next time you make that connection, you may trigger memory from the dream (being at their concert)
    I remeber seeing a dildo meme after skateboarding, and in my dream, my friend was skating a dildo- didnt find it weird in the drem (if i did i would've woken up), where the memory was triggered when i saw the meme again the next day

    NATURE OF YOUR PRESENCE - it actually feels no different to reality- its about as real as past memories e.g. how shit some food tasted in dream is as real as real life

    1. The dream is an abstract layout of your future. Not simply metaphors but questioning this-

    Did the dream come first or the reality?

    Feel free to ask some stuff - i have pre crazy dream stories lel

  • My dreams always never make any sense which is why i tend to ignore them most of the time.
    Believe me, they are not pleasent, either. Something one does not want to remember all day.
    They even deteriorate my consciousness.

  • @briankaranja
    I feel that is the Deja Vu effect. The fact that we feel we have faced this reality before but in actual its just our mind playing games. I too used to have a theory of dreams being nothing but a representation of a future event until my dreams started being associated more with my present or past.

    I now thoroughly believe that dreams are either your thinking about an event or circumstance or your mind’s thinking about the same event or circumstance. The difference between them is that while in one situation you control and influence your subconscious and in other, the subconscious influences you.

    Also in your case, the drugs might be influencing your mind and so does subconscious. I think you need to wrestle the control back from your subconscious.

  • There Is no difference between dream and reality because they are both products of the infinite consciousness, everything you see and believe is a waking dream

  • I think dream is thinking beyond your imagination. One has to break the ice for dreaming. Dream is reason of your happiness and life.

  • @Wolfie_11
    The fact that you aren't too conscious all the way throughout the dream might suggest that during REM, the subconscious mind is just running by itself - making whatever connections it can whether or not real (conscious mind isn't too prevalent - no strong judgement and rather disinhibited) - ultimately what you naturally think about events

    So if in your dream, you are hanging with your current friends in a cafe you've been going for years by yourself, your mind won't perceive it as weird or off (habitual activities wear onto subconscious well). So if you take them to the cafe one day, you might feel deja vu

    The subconscious mind thinks before the conscious mind but its strength is what determines 'control' so to speak. In dreams, the conscious mind is weakened - in reality for me, not too different lel.

    And how can I wrestle the subconscious mind?

    NOTE* The drug pretty much blocks a receptor that things like THC (active ingredient for psychedelics) act upon and those seem to alter dreams - either stop them or create retarded ones - so I believe I'm isolating the dream experience in a sense as nothings influencing it.

  • @Rayse
    Good point - In my dream, I remember nothing about so called 'reality' e.g. I'd be at my highschool and right next to it would be all the skateparks that are supposed to be hours away from each other.
    And in reality, you get to remember nothing much about the experience you had in your dream.

    But I gotta say reality is an external feature perceived by your consciousness hence independent from your mind. so no. Reality and dreams are different - I can't just think about Kirby hence spawn it in reality unlike in my dreams where it just happens and its completely normal (went off road motorcycling with Kirby!!!)

  • @pari1
    But imagination is a quality of the human mind. Dreaming just sets it free without boundary of the judgmental ego- a part of human consciousness.
    And what about bad dreams? - I started a bushfire in my dream and got caught smoking cigarette in my dream yesterday (I don't smoke)

  • @briankaranja well I think that the reason we can't just spawn whatever we want is because we have convinced ourselves that it's impossible whereas in a sleeping dream it feels natural and not at all out of place, certain limiting mental paradigms must be set aside for it happen while awake I believe...because illusion and reality are actually one.I think the Multiverse is just an infinite Mind imagining itself into being, and all "matter" arises from the thoughts of this Metamind, and this "matter" is infinitely divisible which means it is of the same empty essence as everything. So that life and death, awake or dreaming, future or past are all One.

  • @IM-NOT-ORNY said in Meaning of dreams - what do you think it means?:

    There are two kinda dreams,
    One you see when you’re sleeping
    And the other when you’re awake.

    you mean lucid dreaming- or is it simply just imagining at night right before going into REM sleep. - there is also a sleep where you are completely knocked out - like unconscious dead knocked out

  • @Rayse
    so my limiting mental paradigms are the only stopping factors of spawning Kirby in reality. So people with messed brains can spawn things - hallucinations. Cool!
    Ok so everything is derived from the metamind- making all extrinsic qualities of reality actually intrinsic as they are all one. So the Multiverse in it self is actually a singular presence?
    What makes you think that everything is all the same if they are only just derived from the same thing?

  • @briankaranja yeah the multiverse is an infinite Mind which contains an infinite number of finities which are infinitely divisible.

  • @Rayse bit like pi

    Yeah being too horny causes insomnia at times

  • @briankaranja
    Tbh the drugs, the subconscious, your personal experiences and your state of mind- all of ‘em are influencing your dreams. Yes you might be isolating them as well, just like you mentioned.

    Also, there are a few good pointers in Joseph Murphy’s book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” which might be handy in wrestling control over your subsconscious (more like how to use your subconscious effectively). Its quite deep and technical book in which you might lose interest after a while, but as I said, some pointers are good.

    “As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”

  • Dreams have no meaning. Your brain is just trying to make sense out of those thoughts or whatever. But i dont complain.. Mine have been pretty nice lately. Also, well.. The reality had to be first since you cant dream about something you have never seen before.

  • @Alte
    Then explain to me and to everyone else how i sometimes manage to see a glimpse of something that will happen in later time.
    As much as i hate my dreams for being senseless most of the time, they can predict the future for me.
    Not so meaningless now, are they?

  • @Karina-Kara All you need is a hug dear. A big big hug and a warmth of another heart.

  • @Alte
    . . .

  • @Alte
    chill lol
    gotta agree that reality comes first