• Since I do not belong to the female community, its not as easy as snapping my fingers to gain followers. Hence, I am putting out an advert to get a fair chance to EARN the other users' following. So shoot it in your demands/conditions that shall make you follow me. Sarcasm is appreciated but I would like to actually know what kind of altars or persons do you like to follow and does it have to be consistent over long-time or a short-term impression suffices you?
    Tick Tock Tick Tock, Goes the ol' mysterious clock

    Anything and Everything. Yours replies are awaited and appreciated.

  • @Wolfie_11

    "demand n supply" this concept apply everywhere 😂
    I guess this side have less real whamens n more real mens .. Next part find by yoself ..
    (I want followers too 😥)

  • @Macarena33
    Considering that I’m good in Economics, I should get the demand and supply thing turning in my favour in not-so-distant future. I’ll keep that in mind and also applaud your contribution.

    Besides you’re hopefully following me, eh? 🤪🤪

    I’ll try to keep the interaction going and being active and provide valid inputs in viable topics. Cheers for the reply, mate.
    And yeah, I will seek to earn friends than followers. Kudos!

  • @Wolfie_11
    Put a gif as pfp n gain a follower 😉
    For instructions

  • @Macarena33 Noted.
    Also, thats some way to promote your post. Kudos for the instructions. Will try that...

  • @Wolfie_11 said in Advert For Earning Your Following:

    I would like to actually know what kind of altars or persons do you like to follow

    I'd like a conventional C of E altar, all medieval stonework, and there's a stain glass window of some saints behind it, and you can go in there during even the hottest day of summer and it'll still be weirdly cold, but at the same time the vicar has brought in a little four-bar heater to keep the congregation warm in winter, and it looks just like a normal Christian altar, but then you notice, between all the urns and the brass ornaments, instead of a picture of Jesus, there's a photo of West Country news reader Kyle Pentelow.


  • I just like friendliness, I'll follow you :)

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Pretty apt reply for the spell that I wrote. Obviously I meant ‘Alter’, as in “Alter-Ego”, and expected to get some definite and specific behavioural and characteristical patterns or choices. But I guess since you’ve put up such a to-the-word reply, I will have to rely on my telepathy powers and random impressive skills to make you follow me.
    Challenge Accepted Bruv :)

  • @Wolfie_11

    I wanna hit the 100 followers mark as well, but I don't have titties :( Life on the internet is unfair for males hahaha jk jk!
    I usually follow ppl I can relate with and follow me but i' weird and I rarely follow ppl 1st unless I really want them to notice me :shrug:

  • These days,I follow everybody who interests me or is completely active on TWS. It's that simple.

  • @sup
    Cheers Sup. You were my first follower 😇