Heart broken and gutted

  • He decided to inform me that I won’t be able to stay over for a little while. I asked why and he said he might be starting to see someone. As you can imagine it came as a bit of a shock. I’d already been drinking so I couldn’t leave. Any way I refused to talk to him about it all evening.
    He knew I was upset.
    Anyway we went to bed. Him being his usual loving self I said to him we won’t be the same now. Once I said that he opened up to me a lot. He’s had feelings for me since we went out on our first date and we kissed. He’s always wanted me and has worked so hard holding back. He’s been worried all this time that he would lose me because of his kinky side and how extreme it is. He says I’m perfect and he’s now so confused because he wants me. He reckons this relationship with this other girl wont last long and then things can go back to normal. He got quite upset saying he was gonna miss our nights together.
    We were getting so close. I believed we were going to be together. Now I’m gutted 😭

  • @Karina-Kara I don’t know what to think. Sometimes I think well if it’s only going to last a short time then let him do and then work on our relationship. It’s hard when you have been waiting for someone to tell you they have feelings for you and then they tell you after they inform you they might see someone else.

  • @Rubie
    If only i was able to provide you with some decent advice.
    Best i can do now is to wish you some luck.
    Not that it will change anything at all.

  • @cjko
    We don't know every detail in this story and their conditions.
    So i cannot say for sure nor wouldn't i want to view myself with the right to give out advice to others which can even worsen the situation.
    With that being said, i withold myself from advicing something without having a lot of experience or jumping to conclusions.

  • @Karina-Kara I really don’t know. I’m not sure whether to let him get it out of his system and then see how I feel or fight for him. My head is ina
    Mess at the moment

  • I think he's emotionally challenge now. You should let him go.. he was just being honest and you should not force yourself into him. Let him realize his mistake. You deserve better!

  • @cjko
    I don't know.
    It's better to think about this in a better time.
    Who knows what one might regret later on in life.
    But there are always second chances. For everyone.

  • @Karina-Kara do you want someone play mind games with you or confuse your feelings ?

  • I believe in love and second chances.

  • Ouch.
    What will you do now?

  • @Karina-Kara hmm, if you are being cheated with another human, will you still accept your partner?

  • @cjko
    Doesn't happen with me as people are predictable and sometimes can even be read like books.
    So not a problem for me.
    The benefits of being heartless, am i right?

  • @Barton so do I. I believe people can make mistakes and realise what they’ve lost

  • @Rubie
    I am sadly in no position to give you advice in this matter.
    But all i can rule out is that you should go over this topic when you are feeling a bit better.
    Our emotions can make us sometimes blind.



    If you love someone set it free, if you were meant together he will come back. I think that's a saying and I like to believe that's how life works 🤷

  • @McSlom i sometimes wish we had a little switch we can flip to switch feelings off.

  • hey there, how are you feeling

  • @Rubie if you want to talk I am available now privately message me

  • @Rubie I lived something similar to what you are explaining, and just tell you that it is not worth it, at the moment you decide to try to divide your heart you lose it, in my opinion you should value yourself more and tell him that you can not play two bands because you surely deserve something better.

  • @Rubie i'm agree with u

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