A Puzzle of Religions and One Way

  • Imagine a great mirror that reveals the truth. It is shattered into thousands of fragments. Then each people find a fragment that reflects their image. From this point on, the Truth (I am speaking of the theory of religious knowledge, not of the scientific, since it already has its methodological definitions well delineated), then neutral gains the colors and forms of the interpretations. So it is with religions and beliefs, which they believe to be absolute. Its factual or mythological leaders, leaving aside mysticism, are loaded with expressions of wisdom and life lessons, whether in the Tale of Gilgamesh, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Torah, Tanach, Vedas, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam , in short, all religious unfoldings, the core is always the good and the transformation of the human being exercising his compassion and love to the fellow man. Human institutions are that misrepresent their teachers and distort their teachings.
    In the end each fragment or religious interpretation does not know that it is part of an endless puzzle, but that can be summed up in indistinct Love.

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    We all different and the same at once. Because of our cultural differences different nations discovered their own language how to speak about the truth. These languages are required because the truth cannot be revealed and defined by ordinary logical conceptions. And truth cannot be logical, as time changes and wraps every logic.

    Totally agreed all of them are trying to speak about the same thing.

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