That one game...

  • So have y'all ever played a game with some friends and like you are just there making all the small plays whether it's football, soccer, basketball, whatever sport you play. You were there the whole game and you made interceptions
    alt text
    Or that one block that your team needed
    alt text
    Or that one goal that pushed your team ahead and you won the game
    alt text
    Well my story is I was playing football with some friends and they pulled a hail mary and when they threw it to the guy I was guarding I was turned around and didn't see the ball and I swung my arm up so he couldn't see as well and the ball hit my arm and I spun around and caught the ball before it got the ground and went from end zone to endzone untouched.
    alt text
    I have also had an interception like this one
    alt text
    So y'all what's your story or stories?

  • @boots22 ok so you know there's a time where you become desperate and you will feel likely to score right ?
    So one time my team was going down by 5-0(tournament,grand prize signed soccer tshirts autographs) ok so back to the point the goal keeper was so fucken fat that he blocked the whole goal,so I was shooting from outside the box and never scored once,then I stood up anf I knew that I had t become a central forward so I scored 3 goals and assisted 2 so the score became 5-5 and there were only 3 miutes to go so I was determined to win the game from outside the box against the same goalkeeper
    So my team cleared the ball with no intension to give it to me,so I ran after it controlled it,nutmegged the defender and gave the ball a 100% power(knuckled ball) so it hitted the bar and placed in on the top right corner and I won the game(you can see it on ig it's where I took a pic with a guy)

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