@boots22 ok so you know there's a time where you become desperate and you will feel likely to score right ? So one time my team was going down by 5-0(tournament,grand prize signed soccer tshirts autographs) ok so back to the point the goal keeper was so fucken fat that he blocked the whole goal,so I was shooting from outside the box and never scored once,then I stood up anf I knew that I had t become a central forward so I scored 3 goals and assisted 2 so the score became 5-5 and there were only 3 miutes to go so I was determined to win the game from outside the box against the same goalkeeper So my team cleared the ball with no intension to give it to me,so I ran after it controlled it,nutmegged the defender and gave the ball a 100% power(knuckled ball) so it hitted the bar and placed in on the top right corner and I won the game(you can see it on ig it's where I took a pic with a guy)