• That's a lot to take in. Enough for now.

    Here are mine. Now show me yours!

    (DO NOT think about this sentence in any other way!)

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Karina-Kara oooooh yes. Favorite music is hard, how do i choose, favorite of lately, favorite of ever? decisions decisions...

    the happy

    the introvert

    the heart

    the breathing

    the beginning

    the after life

  • I listened to every song you have posted and they are all good ones. That is rare to find nowadays. They all have a deep meaning and unique instrumentals.
    But i am not here to judge your music choices.
    I want to tell you all that we, as humans, express our emotions and feelings through art and music.
    So do not be afraid to express yourself through your favourite music. Let the other people know what resides deep down inside your heart.
    The chance is now!

    I do not like low-effort rap music.
    But your music is good! True classics. Thank You. Share your list with us.
    And many thanks to @Vanessa-Snow, @Lurker and @Rayse. Yours are all deep and emotional as well. Keep them coming!

    Something like this talks to me at a deeper level:

    I have much more to share. I will even post my "FIGHT" music collection, if you want to hear it.

  • @Karina-Kara

    All time favorite:

    Favorite music of favorite band:

    Current addiction:

    All of them have very dear and special meanings cuz my favorite songs are always about the lyrics! 😅

  • Global Moderator

    Sissy this song for myself : Sweet but a psycho

    And this 5songs on playlist

    My song choices..hahaha, i guess im too much 😂

  • @Karina-Kara I have no fav song, I consider everything I listen to be my fav lmao. Every genre has great songs(except mumble rap trash). If you aren't into rap, these might be good to start with. Didn't put any "heavy or sad" songs in here. These are easier, hype and etc. Don't tell me you like mumble rap crap though: weary:

    The list goes on and on, this is a huge post already. I'm done, lmao

  • @Vanessa-Snow
    Farewell, Chester Bennington.
    He sang like an angel. And screamed like an devil.
    Forever missed. But never forgotten.

  • Music Lovers Movie Buff Freedom Writers GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    Omg I am confused to share some out of my 6 dozen favourite songs. But I am still sharing some of them

  • @Vanessa-Snow
    As a small child, i looked up to my older brother.
    What he listened once many years ago (and sometimes still does), i still listen to today and i cherish him indirectly for introducing me to such amazing artists and bands.
    Most of the time in the past he locked himself up in his room, started his training exercises and blasted Linkin Park's music the most. My room was next to it.
    And sometimes i wanted to be with him, but the door was locked and i didn't wanted to bother him too much. But i could listen to his music through the door.
    My brother was partly made up out of this music in my perception as a child, you could say.
    There are other, also memorable bands to mention he liked to listen like HIM, Hammerfall and many other classics from the 2000's.
    But the songs from Linkin Park, with Chester singing... Letting out all his pain...
    They somehow had an familiar resonance with me. As a child, i couldn't understand the lyrics at all.
    I only understood german and a bit russian at that time. So english was very sparse for me.
    And i chuckled at these songs. They were good. I could even tell that as a child. But i thought that he was going through a "phase", so i didn't think much about it.
    . . .
    But listening to all these songs now... It tells me exactly how he felt back then.
    He is always silent and never talked about his emotions with us.
    But if there is one thing that i know about my brother for sure...
    Then that is that he has the best music taste i know. And i am thankful for that. Forever.
    Danke, Bruderherz.

  • Keep them coming, people! There is no "wrong" music.

    The true "me":

  • Deadly silence. Let's destroy it, shall we?

    Halsey - Control.mp3

  • @sup
    You fool!
    This is my plane.
    Only kidding.
    Spam your hearts out.
    I listen to every song everyone posts.

  • Covert mission time.
    Stealth music compilation?
    Clandestine soundtracks???
    Sneaky-peaky melodies!?!?
    Eh, whatever. Call them how you want:

  • Elevator / Lounge music time!
    . . .
    Wh- What? What is that look on your face?
    It's unnormal to enjoy elevator music?

    Don't ask me why i occasionally listen to such music.
    Maybe my life is going down the elevator, perhaps?
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    Yes, that might be it.

  • I smell the pungent odor of decay here.
    Ha, ha.
    At any rate, here are some "classics":

    (And they say that i do not belong to their generation.)
  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Karina-Kara Linkin Park got me through some serious crap. ❤ ❤

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Karina-Kara He made such an impact, too.
    I was invited for a birthday party at a club, reluctantly i agreed, because the twins were my friends. It was as expected, crowded, and we were two groups of friends.
    The memorable part of that night was standing near a table when LP comes on, i sighted and said "Ugh i really want to dislike this band but..."
    "They're really good." said a voice right behind me.
    I didnt turn immediately, i just nodded and sighed again.

    We spent the rest of the night talking, so close to each other that there were bets to see if we were leaving together.
    We, however, were oblivious to this and were just engrossed in discussing the lyrics of many bands.

    This is how i met my best friend. We were(are) from very different backgrounds and LP spoke to both of us. And on that night, brought us together, and we would have never met otherwise.

    Its a shame that we lost such an amazing artist. ❤

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