• Mine are:

    train's whistle,
    wind hustling through trees,
    hearing rain outside while sitting inside in a cozy place

    Yes, mine too! Although it sometimes drives me crazy. That "radio static"-like sound at the night.
    The trees doing creepy noises when they rub at eachother and the wind blows them from side to side.
    Some birds sound funny.
    And a certain melody...

    • When I wake in the middle of the night and hear a car driving along the long, lonely road on the other side of the valley.
    • Extending a metal tape measure to full length then bouncing it on the ground.
    • Godzilla's shriek.

  • Freight train moving on the tracks
    The sound of traffic during a heavy rain
    Loud thunder
    The sound of an open flame

  • silence
    humming bird
    waterfall sound

    those melodies of nature really amazed me and made me feel connected 🙂

  • I think i am the only one different here☺

    .I like to hear loud music so that I may catch all
    its verses which help me in singing.

    . I love my mothers voice when she forces me to get up from the bed whenever I am late from waking up.

    . I love the last whistle of the referee in the football match we are winning

    .At last I like the sound of my Guinea pig whistling.......

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