Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one)

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    @Chicken-meat said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    @IM-HOoRNY its clear who is being the provocative one also butting his head into drama he doesnt belong in with his uneducated and degrading opinion on how mental illness works, if u want to side with ur friend go for it.

    That’s what you get for making dumb drama public for all to laugh at 🤷♀

  • @Chicken-meat I guess we are voyagers in the same boat. Let us be friends, shall we ?

  • @Chicken-meat If you have problems to deal with, I sincerely do not understand why you don't focus on them instead of making others. Good logic, ain't it?

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii the thing is, nobody takes him seriously. Just like you should, also

  • @Jimmy1708 thanks LOL 😣

  • @viju to be fair Id be a hypocrite to say I dont act like a trolly kid myself lol cough at times (I think I've said that too much actually), or to just express direct "honest" vulgar opinion, like Im all for freedom of speach but Idk, I guess the "bad" and "spam" part is very subjective. Watch me backtrackk the f out cos I want my freedom of speach still in place 😂 but honestly like the admin said if enough ppl agree with me and downvote and if the very least if he ever wants to abuse my freedom of speach by f-cking and changing with my comments or start deleting me posts calling mods out he knows whats coming. Especially like deleting relatively innocent images and like banning users for "harassment" would just be hypocritical af.

  • @viju 👍👏👏👏 I like u viju haha, I suppose u have been trolled by mods too?

  • @Chicken-meat new global is good for kids and for whom that not like to be trolled by others for no genuine cause, but new global still in development phase, the mods in new global not too intelligent like here in public chat and topics they bans all users who asking for girl or want to talk to a girl, I don't know that this is right or not, but at least in public chat and topics users allowed to talk whtever they want to chat, without limitation.

  • @viju yeah lol, its kinda stupid but oh well, leave em to play family in kindergarten and cOotIes

  • @theKing it all makes sense now, of course ur the stupid f-cker that was the one that kept posting dck pics lol, why are u defending the mods again if they keep banning u "king kadak"?, which thank God for em one of the only reasons Im so happy about having mods here so ur disgusting "naughty freedom" that mind fcks and virtually eye rapes everyone here can stay the f-ck away.

  • @theKing Nobody told you to bring that heavy backpack here against anyone and I have never seen anyone so pathetic like you

    P.S: I never forget people's here, but in your case I will be glad to make an exception.

  • @theKing If you are referring to us (INDIANS), why weren’t we affected by the hypnosis? its you idiot who love to hypnotize weak people"s here by attacking on their grammer,and Aside from this grammer point,what are other disgusting things you have to say against me? & Have you tried a mirror before saying anything about my grammer?

  • @theKing Only one of us can hallucinate at a time here, It must have been your personality to say dumb things about any country and "Do you want us(indians to leave the chat room"?Even people who are not good in grammer can bring smile on your face, when you talk with them in decent manner...and I bet if our own language (hindi) was legal here everyone would be a lot nicer in grammer.

  • @theKing said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    @King-Kadak I have all the rights to express my opinion, so yeah, I don't see why I would hold back from expressing it. As for the conversations, I would choose someone who is able to write properly over someone who is not. That's not a good excuse to let grammar mistakes take over. My conversations are mainly in private, so it does not really bother me what you intend to do.

    @theKing To begin with, I think your statement is grammatically incorrect. "i don't see why would ..." should actually be ".

    Now, let's focus on the statement. First of all search this that Indians are the second largest English speaking people in the world. What constitutes an English speaking people?

    • Is it enough that they understand basic english and respond back in English or other languages,

    • or does it mean they understand and speak basic conversational English

    • or does it mean they speak fluent conversational English?

    While the stats could represent any of these, none of these stress on grammatical correctness. And I think the reason is, language is used as a means of communication for the most part. If I say I want drink water and if the other person knows basic, good or great english, he/she most definitely understands that I want to drink water.

  • @theKing said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    @King-Kadak should actually be ".*"? Where's the end or the beginning of it?
    And the second largest English speaking country? By what, number of people? Yeah, probably. However, Look at the percentage, just because you're a fucking lot, that does not make you better. According to Wikipedia, only 12.18% of indians are able to talk english. Quite low, ain't it?

    @theKing first,why is your grammar so bad?

    India has about 29 states and 7 union territories. I would say that it has for a good part at least 40 different main languages . If you know any of the Indian languages you would understand that they have a very different grammar than English. If you are not a literature student, then you wouldn't really care about how the sentence structure differs in multiple languages. Hence most Indians eventually end up learning english through their native languages. They say.. well if I in english means main in hindi then I can use I as a substitute for all places I need to reference myself. Same goes for you and they and multiple other words and phrases.

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    @Chicken-meat oh boy. I must say you provide best entertainment and i feel my aim fulfilled. So you i should recall what happened. I was trolling you no doubt. And i used my privileges to edit your comment which offended you very much. So i thought i should apologize and i did. The funny thing is you accepted. Now you dont stand on your ground. I welcomed you then to start another drama but you accepted my apology and the case was disclosed. Then i tried to keep distance from such butthurts who get offended very easily and what bothered you was i was still having fun with my fellows but you werent at peace to see this. Of course humans do get naive and frustrated and i understand that you reread the conversation last we had and it was still pissing you off because you couldnt stand that. If i am wrong correct me. Oh wait. While we were on public chat you praised my act to ask for forgiveness. So it was pretty much forgotten situation until you lost your shit again. You vent out your frustration trying to roast me or whatever that weak attempt was but it only made you angry and that arranged me entertainment. You were so pissed off you asked where you can complain against me and i told you about odin. And whatever was told to me i accepted it. But you, you aim for something more.
    So ladies and gentlemen. What is stated above proves i was being rude and i apologized when i realised i have crossed my boundaries and my apology was accepted. So this big paragraph makes no sense at all because its purely selfish and nothing to do with my privileges . I even asked our short tempered butthurt if he wants to create a rant against me when i came to apologize and he stated "its fine".
    It still has nothing to do with my privileges. You shouldnt had accepted the apology to make a point against me.
    So dear @Chicken-meat until i am working well as a mod you cant unmod me. And you can not even unmod me for something you have forgiven and if i ever repeat that abuse you are welcome to start a rant against me then you will make some point.

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    @Chicken-meat when you forgave me you never mentioned this term. And then i might have considered and talking about other users. They love me already. And you can see odds are in my favour because most of the comments disagree with you and you have to fight them as well. So no sir i am not giving up anthing. You can try your best against. Oh wait its already your best. And talking about calling you butthurt. See you really are one. I bet you will make a post about me calling you butthurt.
    Peope come here to enjoy. Not to make fuss about little things. And those who do, become amusement for those who came to enjoy.

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    @Chicken-meat you didnt respond to what i said. You started to count down the people in your favour. First please tag them all so i can see this big rebellion i have against me and answer this question.
    When you accepted my apology did you mention i have to leave my privileges?

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    @Chicken-meat can you state the lies i told you and can you state what wrong i am doing. What i thought was wrong i apologized for that and you accepted

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    10 marks for sure xD !!

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