Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one)

  • @theKing "killer replies" lol keep telling urself that

  • @theKing no its uUu're*

  • @Barton what? Got nothing to say or defend? So now if you wanna jump to the conclusions that saying "its okay" is accepting ur "apology" we can jump to conclusions that the whole lot of shitt u said is just to stir some buttons cos ur a drama attention seeking wh0re with no life lol.

  • @Chicken-meat Are you feeling proud picking up a fight with a "daft" person?

  • @Barton dont have to quote "daft" mate, u commented here first and wanted to pick a fight with me rmbr? and I owned ur ass.😂

  • @Barton sincerely you should have thought of that before trying to act smart and accusing me of having bipolar personality disorder, that honestly didnt pi$s me off at all and I suspect that I have it myself lol, googling mental disorders I might have is my forte, but was tryna play back "no I dont" , I mean you retracting it and "apologizing to bipolar personality people" in behalf that "Im just an attention seeking low life" over legitimate issues Im trying to address with the mod power abuse, trying to "own" me with ur silly mind games that I admit king was the one that added fire to the flames, and ur response laughing, honestly Im sure you wouldnt expect that I just sit back to swallow my tongue and take it. But for this instance I accept ur apology, you are free to do whatever u want in the future, Im sorry I caused u so much stress as well and Im dealing with other issues elsewhere myself I have to handle. Hope theres no bad blood between us, truce?

  • @Barton I mean I can empathise with what ur saying, Id be a complete pyscopathic butthole if I didnt, but really Im sorry if I caused u stressed, Im stressed the f out meself and I dont even have a job to worry about lel.

  • @WtfJudith I mean ur a moderator as well 🤷♀️ so if thats what u wanna think, go ahead

  • @theKing im workin on it

  • @Chicken-meat I like how the more I come back the lesser likes I get 😂 or more dislikes to make it look like lesser likes, for all u mods and users ur should re read my post if you sincerely think Im the "only" problem here, yes I know I can be abusive in my words as well, but u seriously cant fucking expect that that Im in the wrong for zoob here deliberately trolling and abusing his power. Why mods wanna suck ur own dickk so much when u know when u volunteered as a mod role its not to be a f*cking toxic power tripping a hole but to moderate toxic users where u even accept kadickss spamming of dickss now is so fuckingg stupid. And u users that sucks mods dickss so much that shits on u as well I dont understand lol, also this whole thread has become a whole shittstorm of arguments about Indians, IQ and grammar and shitt which had literally nothing to do with my post and if u wanna continue u should take it elsewhere, or continue whatever its just annoying af

    Edit: honestly subconciously maybe I was being a biiiiit racist saying 'monkey d*ckk' can put two and two together, That wasnt my intention at all, well okay maybe it was lol but dOnt tAkE mE sErIouSlY fOr ThaT. I was just sick of seeing the same brooown dickk every damnn day, and I've met a lot of Indians I like to talk to and is fun to interact with, using race as a joke is my forte, but that wasnt my focus and u can think whatever u want of it, baseline I just wanted to address the issue of zoob enjoying and abusing his power as mod. You can ignore all my points all u want, and if the community thinks hes good hey this aint my site, I just wonder why how this site has so little traffic like it could.

  • @IntoTheDeep said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    Talking about sadistic and cruel side, yet she's made 3 topics targetting and defaiming zoob. Please, tell us more

    Please and for the 3 people that upvoted this explain urself how I made 3 topics defaming zoob. If you really think that ur all are really delusional and I have lost for words.

  • @IM-BORED did you even read my post before making that comment? Lol

  • @IntoTheDeep Someone needs to look at the perverts on the random chat.

  • What a crazy bich you are, text me 😉

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