• as he spoke, upon his right hand i turned, to see him drink. courage of despair... i Thought it was unanimously displeasing. A man who died of overcoming his fear had fallen down a mountain
    of snow. agh! I would rather drink than eat, or sleep for nights are too long without any reason to smile, or shine,. I drink from my deepest regret for crime committed, of such little time. Ahead a thousand miles away, my enemy, shrugged their shoulders. thus alone with only a dollar bill. Through all his flesh; burn with deathless eyes. partners We ought to be treated like flowers
    with such a daunting pain. Alcohol addiction.... the man who had lost so much more grateful, unpredictable beauty in life. Bottles lay upon the hard ground as he sleeps upon a painted wall. I a poet who knows how near death is. Keep looking for more than several bottles that every drink kills inside.

  • " When Seen Inside Heart " .. Best .. Miss

  • @Emma-Bradley nice🤘🏿

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