• Alright, what's hands down the weirdest thought you've had either all day, all week, month year/s etc that you just CANNOT get out of your head. Like, it's something stupid and probably something you wouldn't naturally bring up in conversation but you just lay awake at night thinking about it. Get it off your chest. I want to know!

    For me, it's that you know how back in the medieval times or such they all used chamberpots to use the bathroom, and for like royalty and nobles they had the maids/servants and such to clean them out, right? So, in the olden times where a prince would woo his maidservant, would they just choose to avoid the fact that this person has to clean his shit everyday?

    Does his room smell like shit every day? Everytime he tries to seduce her, is the faint air of shit present?

    Did the maid servants used to fight over who got the clean the handsome princes chamberpot?

    Is that a reality that existed? I don't know much about medieval times, but it's just something I can't get over, because now when I read those romance novels where princes and nobles fell in love with their servants all I can think of is how she's probably accidentally spilt and touched his shit. Gross.

    Also, do you think Neanderthals giggled when they farted?

  • @IM-NOT-H**NY

    Oh shit those are all totally reasonably valid thoughts. Sometimes if I let myself think a little too hard on it I really go panicked over the thought of dying. Like, what if everyone's wrong about God? what if there is in fact no God? What if there is and he sucks? What if we get reincarnated and I remember, what if I don't, what if this is it, what if once we go, we are nothing. Would it be black? We wouldn't be sentient to know if it's just black which scares me because the furthest my brain can go is just the thought of black and silence but if I that that's not possible if we die it's just NOTHING

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