Do you find it easy to make new friends?

  • Is making new friendships easy for you or do you find it difficult to make new friends? What qualities do you look for when finding a friend? So many questions with even more answers lol Just passing the time

  • @SoFa_king_Cody I guess it depends on what you consider friends. I find it east to talk to people and become acquaintances, if you consider those friends then it is very easy to make friends. But real friends, true, raw, friendship takes time and trust. I don't think its hard, but I do think its rare.
    When I was little my dad used to say "I don't consider someone my friend unless I know that I can be stranded in the middle of no where with a flat tire or no gas or something at 2:30 AM and call them without worrying if they will pick up and know that they will come to help me." That's something that always stuck with me.
    To me friendship must have trust, loyalty, honesty, and love. Without those things, they're just another acquaintance 😄

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    @SoFa_king_Cody It's easy to be friends with someone for me.....but the problem is that I want to be approached so I know that they're interested in me as much as I am interested in them..I never make the first move....I look for friends who will totally belong to me...I mean we'll be friends with others but the both of us will be #1 to each other...My friends r usually fun, popular(can't help it 😳 they choose me) n loyal ✌

  • @SoFa_king_Cody

    As many users said it's easy to make "friends" but way harder to make friends - using the true meaning of word.
    A real friend is a family that does not have your blood it's like a family member you found out and picked up for your own family. And those kinds of people are rare. Usually you can tell who this people are when you go tho an hardship, cuz that's when you need people the most.


    You can call me anytime and you know I'll be there for sure, just keep in mind the time difference between countries and how long it takes to get there but I will defenitly get there! 😏

  • @SoFa_king_Cody Its always  easy to find friends but the problem  is to know who is a real n who is a fake friend. With time n in your hard situations, you will know who is your real n fake friend.

    A friend  is a family  who is chosen by us.

    He must stand beside us in any situation, good or bad, at any time he must take our phone call.

    The qualities i look for in a friend are honesty, loyalty n he must be trust worthy.
    He must be like me 😂

  • @SoFa_king_Cody i find it difficult. I don't search for any particular quality just the human must not be a jackass

  • @Zen00 Well said 👏👏👏 I never thought about it like that, your dad is absolutely right

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    @SoFa_king_Cody making friends is easy as 1,2,3 kaboom were friends but finding a true friend is very rare as it take so much time and values to be invest.. 🙂

  • @Zen00 , exactly what Inwas going to say!

  • @niks-niks I agree, Friends are sometimes better than blood family

  • @SoFa_king_Cody totally agree. My best friend is better than my blood family! Love my bff. Would goto Hell and back for her.

  • @SoFa_king_Cody said in Do you find it easy to make new friends?:

    @niks-niks I agree, Friends are sometimes better than blood family

    One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.
    - Euripides

    luckily  I got one wat abt you?

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    @SoFa_king_Cody I've always found it easy to talk to people, this is not to say that forming a friendship is as easy.
    I have come to a stage in my life where as much as I might look for some form of companionship, I have been burnt in the harshest of ways by the closest of friends. I have gone into great detail of this to various members of this community, and I'm not going to lay down my soul once again. This has lead to me being a very cynical middle aged guy.
    When it comes to meeting new people an making new friends, I tend to treat them as I wish to be treated.... I give the respect they deserve and despite what I might hear of them, I always give the benefit of the doubt..... The point here is, they may have burned others, but as the new relationship goes, they have not burned me, so I take them at face value
    As for what I might look for in a friend, well ... this is a very open-ended thing to answer ....
    As Paula Abdul once sang, Opposites Attract . This does not just stand for intimate relationships, but extends to friends to. Of course it is great to have some things in common, but I have found that is not always the case. Some of my best friends have started from the most bizarre of random situations.
    fuk you can tell I aint given many epic answers recently hahaha
    (this is my second in half hour) 😂

  • @Bela-Hella Yes, true friends take time but end up being the friends that will be there for you through everything 🙂

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    @SoFa_king_Cody said in Do you find it easy to make new friends?:

    @Bela-Hella Yes, true friends take time but end up being the friends that will be there for you through everything 🙂

    Are we pwendzz? I remember I corrupt you and abduct..

  • @DarkIce Do you prefer a lot of normal friends or a few close friends?

  • @niks-niks I got a few friends I trust with my life which mean more to me than my whole family does

  • @Lurker Yeah, anyone can be a good friend in the good times but when things get worse, only the true friends help you through til the end, well said 👍

  • @Jeff9998 Its almost better when its difficult in the sense that the few friends you do find are usually the good ones, someone who finds it easy is usually surrounded by a bunch of fakes who would never be there for them when they are needed most

  • Hmm, I have a friendly approach always to anyone..but I'm picky to whom I'll let in my life as my friend ,especially close friends. haha I have no time to deal with fake people , I prefer to have a single true friend than a hundred fake friends

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