• (Doesn't have to be personal, but you have that option.)

    I've set some woods on fire in a town a looooong ass time ago. I got in soooooo much trouble. I got grounded until I was 16 and I was 14 at the time and my friends got in serious trouble with the cops. :woman_police_officer_dark_skin_tone: :pistol:

  • @mrbudman420
    Once when I was 5....I made out with a boy in my preschool class.

    When I was 9, I wanted to help clean my dads fish. So i poured shampoo in the tank. I knew I fucked up when they started floating to the top of the tank.

    When I was 11, I skipped school every Monday to go surfing. Id sit inside at recess every Tuesday, because I skipped class.

    When i was 12, Istarted my period and i didnt have any pads. So i picked up my moms bra and used it as one. Then i threw it away so she wouldnt find it. I remember her searching for days to find that stupic garment.

  • i love him, yes him 😁

  • I unintentionally cheated on a College Math exam. I was working on this problem, when all of a sudden, I heard my seatmates discussing their answers "discreetly" while the professor was writing on the board. I tried to come up with that answer and once i did, I changed mine. Later, I got a perfect score, and I think I was the highest on that exam.

  • @liv_sherlock so the answer your friends talking about is the correct answer?

  • @its-bobby haha Yeah

  • @liv_sherlock 😁😁
    lucky you

  • @its-bobby But you know, later on, I didn't actually need those scores, since I quit that course hahaha

  • @liv_sherlock what lol
    but u Still can show off about your perfect score to other people tho 😁😁

  • @its-bobby 😁😁

  • @MrBudman420 Alright, I confess. It was ME, ok? I let the dogs out. Mystery solved, now you don't have to listen to that stupid song anymore.

  • In 10th grade i skipped pretty much the last month of school...this one Tuesday (the day after would be the last day of school) one of my teachers called.
    My mom already gave me this "go to your fking room" face...so I waited in my room.
    After 15 minutes my mom came in like:" so your teacher called and said u havent been in school for a month!"
    I replied:" yeaa...i didnt feel that great...but today i was in school I promise!"
    My mom then held the phone up again and was like:" he said he was in school today"
    The rest was really bad....
    Not only did my mom now know i lied...but also my teacher just witnessed how I did it...🤦

  • @DIV said in Confess something?:


    I still like my ex

    Of course you do

  • 27 years old virgin. I heard that this is considered to be a great shame or something like that. For man, at least.

  • @Redthreat Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Personally, I think there's too much "peer-pressure" on younger kids/teens to start with adult intimacy way too soon, when they aren't mentally/emotionally ready for something like that. There's a saying: Time takes time. There shouldn't be any rush. You're fine, just as you are. And when the time is right, and with the right person, it'll happen for you, and I hope it's a great experience, as well!

  • @Lazz Thanks for support, really thanks.
    But according to American comedies for youngers (American Pie, for example) there is no more pathetic creature than virgin. I was really surprised when I was watching such films (during school years), how much disgust does people have about it. Of course they are silly films, far from Grapes of Wrath or 12 Angry Men, but still...
    About relationships, I dont know, I am so shy and introverted that such perspectives, you described seem pretty much fantastic to me. But thanks again.

  • @Redthreat I hear you. TV and movies shouldn't be the narrative of your own life, though. Yes, to a point virgins can be easy targets and vehicles for humor, but in real life, not that serious. And shy and introverted don't have to be negative traits. Turned around girls (or guys?) might find you cool, and mysterious. That's a potential positive. Try not to stress, you'll drive yourself crazy, and by the way awesome new profile pic!

  • @Lazz wow...well said!

  • i need to confess meth make so horny that i need to surf porn for at least 4 times a day...