• It's something I've often thought about. The first one to die never stood a chance while the very last was a second away.

    The first to die avoided (to a certain degree) the horrors of war, yet the last can say he did all he could.

    The first died ignorant of just what it is a human being could do to another human being, but he also missed what it is a human being could do for another human being.

    The last died unaware that peace was only seconds away, or perhaps he faded slowly and watched with a sad and silent joy as his comrades celebrated. His final thought, "I almost made it."

    I don't know though. I'm at a crossroads on the issue. As all things, there are pros and cons to either. I partially side with the first and I don't know why? What about you?

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    @InspireMe Kill 1st, die last..

  • @Durwin I completely agree with you there. My father is a military veteran, 100% disabled. He's always been a fun loving guy, but occasionally he likes to drink and when he drinks, he doesn't lash out physically or anything (thank God), but he always recollects those tales from his past he's too afraid to speak of on a sober tongue. The things he's said really make me fear the monster that is a man at war. They are molded into weapons and placed on a field of no restraint. Call it cowardice, but I'd rather be the first to go.

    Wow, thank you. You helped me realize that reason. I always overlook something.

  • @InspireMe Both are fine to me. I could deal with either or. I am do not agree with war, but I think anyone who risks their life to protect their country and/or family deserves to be recognized and appreciated. Whether they are the first to die or the last they went out there and did something that not everyone can do. The way I see it, the first one died being heroic. The last one died, not seconds away from peace, but IS peace. Their death was apart of an end to something horrific. They represent the peace that follows.

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    If i were to die in either choices I would prefer to be the last one to die, simply because I would have the chance to help/save comrades and maybe be reminded as of someone that tried all he could.

  • @InspireMe
    This is an interesting debate Sir...

    Having known people that have been in and come through minor war's and hearing some of the horror stories I think I would rather be the first dead in a war.
    I'm not sure I could live with seeing close friends/colleagues be blown into millions of pieces via mortar.
    Seeing how this has affected people mentally is not a good thing to bear witness to, from the change of attitude to the night terrors.
    In order to come out of it and still be relatively unaffected would be hard for the hardest of hearts.

    On the other hand, if you were strong enough to make it through and not be mentally affected in such a bad way, that would help to make one strong individual....
    However, tough as old boots I am, I really don't think I could cope.....

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