• This post is deleted!

  • @madlove my heart broke as I saw my ex having sex with a girl in my bed

  • @lioncara thats sad

  • @madlove Sounds bad, but all of that was your fault, everything is on you, and 4 years after here you are writing about her again. Be real with yourself. Everything bad that you experienced during the period is only your fault, being blind, self-centered and dishonest with yourself. She looted you because she has a brain, she had her goals and she didn't feel like telling you those because she noticed your true intentions, and you also didn't want to accept the truth about the situation you were in. Buying a gift won't get you much if you wait 2 years to ask a simple question. Cheers and enjoy

  • I think this is so hard to go through something like this but you still have to find your happiness. Try some new hobbies or do something you like and keep your mind busy so you can’t think about bad things. wish you all the best

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