• Anyone here an expert or someone who has experience on exercise and diet?Can you give some helpful tips?

    Is it ok to workout before breakfast? Is a 30 minute workout effective enough to lose weight and stay healthy? Answers will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

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    @rosestar working out first thing in the morning is actually the best for you, workout before you eat. And a workout should be between 48 minutes and an hour in order to be effective enough to see results. You must track calories eaten per day and burn more calories than you eat is the best and only way to lose weight. Not all calories are the same though, you should strive to only consume healthy foods such as fresh produce and unprocessed meats. Heathiest meat comes from fish and chicken. Red meats are okay but only in moderation

  • @sofa_king_cody @RoseStar gurl follow the advice of Mr. Muscles 💪 wahaha

  • @rosestar Oh gurl,wish were near so I can bring you on my extra curricular activities.. Eat a balance meal, keep hydrated,go for greens, have no vices,get enough sleep and do cardio exercise..
    Get tone and fit without dieting remember once you take letter T in the word diet, you eventually Die.. Haha

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  • @rosestar Look, don't stick to any diet, because they don't help in the long run, you will eventually get off a diet and what will happen? Don't believe any online programs that promise you to get results in just 30 days, don't think too much about knowing every detail because you will learn things as you invest more and more into training, look at it as a process. Eat healthier food overall and what really important is - enjoy every workout and set up small goals you want to achieve, don't lose courage and fire for training and working out by expecting fast results and miracles to happen overnight. Don't make your workout routine complicated, remember you are just getting started, and most beginners make things too complicated for themselves and they simply lose motivation to train. Also, we are all different, and what one person might find like a good way of doing things, it might not be the same for you. You have to try, test and find out what fits you the best. And, remember to REST. The most important meal is one after the workout. Eat healthy fats, proteins are for muscles, and carbohydrates are for having the energy to workout. This answer was too long lmao. Try HIT routines. Workouts should almost never last longer than 60 minutes. Yeah, sorry for long answer :laughing:

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    Instead of looking at it as a diet, I would advice you too look at it as a lifestyle.
    If you look at it as a diet plan, you will want to set a time where you go back to your old habits and that's no good as you will only recover the weight you lost with that "sacrifice", so step 1 lifestyle change into eating in a more healthy way!
    My advice in this is eat OFTEN and not only when you are hungry. I usually have the following meals: breakfast, pre-lunch, lunch, tea-time, pre workout meal, dinner and if I go to bed late I have a post dinner meal. On this meals you wanna avoid sugar, take preference over white meat or fish, don't over-eat carbs and try to eat a decent amount of protein! Oh and water, lots of water!
    My other tip or rather the easiest way to lose weight is calculating how much calories you burn a day normally and just eat less calories then that! With this said you can either add working out or not. Naturally if you workout, you will burn more calories, which allows you to have a bigger defecit between burnt calories / calories ingested!
    Regarding working out, finding something you really like / enjoy will help you achieve better results. As many ppl say if you run for pleasure you won't get tired, so you can run further! Just find what you like to do the most and do that. Imo, the best kind of workout would be a mix of cardio and weight training tho but if you don't have access to gym equipment, you can do exercises with your own body weight or just CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO!
    If you have any doubts or further question, feel free to dm me :D

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