• Ok firstly, how you doinnn 😏😉. And secondly if we can’t see air can fish see water?! Crabs think fish are flying! That means that flying fish are just fish that fly higher! Wait can fish see air because we can see water??? I’m so confused right now! HeLp! 😭🙏🏻

  • @hollie hahahaha ,I like your train of thought and the interesting questions you pose ...
    I can see exactly why you would be confused ... as I think I am now lol ....
    So for crabs.... fish really can fly :O
    I don't have a clue to your questions ... but think it may need some research... Where's David Attenborough when you need him hahaha
    Oh and by the way ...... Hi there.... was doing good ... but know I got brain freeze with no ice cream lmao :joy: :joy_cat: :joy:

  • @shaun-durwin lmao 😂. Imagine if someone was watching David Attenborough filming... I would probably say “and here... we have a wild David Attenborough in his natural habitat” lol Idek man.

  • @hollie

    I'm doing great but I would be doing even better if you shared what you are smoking, that trip of yours is insane 🤣😂
    Welcome to TWS oh queen of random 😂