Indian living in China.. Quiet a different experience!

  • Indian by birth.. Travelled to a couple countries before I ended up in China. Here right now for the sake of Studies but have been around few places of China as I love travelling. Ask me questions about life here and I'll answer them for you!

  • The BatSheep

    @arnoldthella I have been to a few countries, my best being Egypt.... China is one of my priorities later in life. wow, please tell us more as to how things are different to India and how you are finding it.

  • @shaun-durwin First off, Very few can speak English! The food is weird, atleast the place I live in right now! If you're fair skinned, you are white and they love you.. If you are brown or dark skinned, you are black and you are not loved as much as the fair skinned. Money buys anything you want here

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