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    What was your favorite place to vacation? What did you do there and what made it stand out? Write as much as you want, I don't mind reading haha

  • @sofa_king_tired

    Despite the bad press, the best place I have been to is Luxor in Egypt. Our hotel was based around 3 miles away from the Valley of the Kings. The thins was we were on the other side of the Nile and as a result required an hour and a half drive to the nearest bridge in order to take a trip in to one of the magical aspects of Egypts history.

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    @s-peanut-durwin I never would've thought of Egypt, Ive wanted to see the pyramids but just kinda sketched out to go there but after what you said, I might wanna look into that now

  • @sofa_king_tired When I was there we were told don't go out of the complext without a guide.
    One of the best things I did was to journey out, to meet the locals (go in to the shops and accept their hospitality, to meet them properly).
    I really want to see the Pyramids, but as far as I know they are a huge tourist thing.... lots of touts and peeps that want you to spend your money. Down in Luxor, you do get that but most of the people I met just wanted to meet people from another land. Soooo friendly it was unbelievable.
    The Temple of Luxor and the 2 km Avenue if the Spynxes was something else :)

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