• what do you think about netflix new hit movies?

    1. To all the boys ive loved before
    2. Sierra burgess is a loser
    3. The kissing booth
      ill give it 10/10
      oh and btw what`s your favourite netflix movies? please let me know so i could watch it later hahaha thank you!!

  • @erins I just watched Bright today. I think thats one of the best films Will Smith has done for a long time.
    Death Note (actual film) was really good to.
    It's great that Netflix have the moeney to invest in produciing/funding their own films.

  • @mr-peanut oh ill watch it later.and yh thanks god for netlix LOL.btw thank youuu for your suggestion cant wait to watch it tho tbh im bored and idk what movies to watch thanks