• Boys who think that they are too smart- sorry dude I am not asking it from you.
    It might sound offended to boys but the truth is, only girls can tell the right the answer of this question.
    So it is a request from all the lovely girls please reveal few important pointers for the boys :)

    It will be helpful to both boys and girls.

    After all we are going to love you after these suggestions

  • I deeply like this question AND I DISLIKE the exclusion of men. (You ol gender-sist you😉)
    So in the spirit of appreciating all the romantics in the world I SIR HAVE COMPILED A LIST.
    Please, Madame’s of the internet’s, if you agree or don’t correct me. We here in ‘Merica value you opinion. And by that I mean your AwAEsOMe!!!😎✊🏾

    Back to the list———————-

    1. Treat a women, as jest that, a women. Show her dignity, respect, and love regardless if she is a romance interest.💍( rings not included)
    2. Let em know she is a BADASS!!! Women pop out bowling balls for (bread) CRUST SAKE. Show me one dude who will say “Hey bea, I love you so much, I want to endure 9 months of pain/ cravings/ Gluten deprivation, followed by an 8 hour long genital tug of war, to give you a child. Ya know, cus I love you.”🤯🎱🥇
    3. Invest in her. With your time and ability to listen to her.
    4. This only applies to when your dating...I think.. but Pamper her. Give her a massage, cook her favorite meal, clean her car (without being asked).🧘🏽‍♀️ And don’t expect anything in return.
    5. MAN UP AND Say I love you 😘

    6 )There is NO HACK TO BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP! Can’t stress that enough. If it is worth having you need👏🏽 to 👏🏽work 👏🏽for it. And that includes a women’s respect

  • My rant is concluded 😅thank you. And no I am not gay. lol
    ![alt text](image url)ed561ad9-4a7d-415e-90ff-ddbb2db67995-image.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/dW4t1SG2ydMyc/giphy.gif

  • be gay ... girls camt resist gay guys

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