• I'm so bad at that
    Tell me your best pick up lines, or things u do to get someone's attention teach me how to flirt xD

  • @candy27 Here are 2 pick up lines that I've come up with so far.

    Girl, I just want to see a smile on your face.
    It puts me in my place.
    I just came over to see,
    something so pretty,
    and the only thing I want to see in this place,
    is that wonderful smile on your face.

    Hey I'd try to paint a picture with my words of your beauty,
    but I know I'd come up short because God already made something perfect.

  • @us-poet woah those are Pulitzer worthy pick up lines ,so pretty and classy 👏👏👏👏 😍

  • @candy27 why thank you. Give me enough time and I'm sure I'll have more ;)

  • Humor is a good requisite for flirting ... cant be making jokes with people having the Eiffel tower stuck up their asses.Now I prefer cheesy & humorous lines that make me snort in laughter ,some prefer romantic ones...depends on the person really
    ..having said that here we go ..

    Personalized flirting line :

    I'm reptile..can i slitherin your Chamber of Secrets ?

    Cheesy ,old & obvious flirting line :

    "Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?"

    "Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"

    "Feel my shirt. Know what it's made of? Boyfriend material."

    "It's a good thing I have my library card, because I am totally checking you out."

    Slightly newer Cheesy flirting lines :

    Hello, I'm bisexual. I'd like to BUY you a drink...and then get sexual.

    "Hi, I'm the new Milkman. Do you want it in the front or the back?"

    Sleepy Girl Pick Up Lines "I'm tired too. We should sleep together!"

    You smell like trash, can I take you out?

    Boy: Lets play the firetruck game
    Girl: How do you play
    Boy: I run my fingers up your legs and you say red light when you want me to stop
    Girl: Okay
    Boy: Fire trucks don't stop for red lights!

  • @candy27 hey x

  • If you want the girl you like, you need to be worth her effort. Even before you flirt with her, you need to make a real man out of yourself.

    Compliment her the right way

    Is she looking particularly good today, or has she done something with her hair or compliment her by saying

    Nice tee shirt! – Gosh, you look so beautiful.

    Nice perfume – You smell so good today…

    You can always compliment a girl about her tee shirt or her perfume directly, but by getting personal with it, you’re creating a memory for her. The next time she uses that perfume, she’s going to remember what you said.

    Get some alone time with her

    Flirting is best indulged in when it’s just the both of you,make her feel more special than anyone else, and she’ll think about your conversation a lot longer.

    Girls like a funny bone

    Girls love a guy with whom they can have a fun time. You don’t need to memorize a thousand one liners to seem funny. Just remember an incident you came across or talk about the things around you.

    Tease her now and then

    If you can have a fun conversation with her, you’re already flirting! It’s as simple as that.

    Play with dirty conversations

    Whenever you get some alone time or are speaking to her on the phone, learn to mix your conversations. By now, both of you would have warmed up to flirting with each other, so you don’t really have to be worried about crossing the line now and then. Pass a few sexual remarks or ask a few questions

    Get touchy feely

    No flirting is ever complete without a few sexy touches now and then. Every now and then, try to find an excuse to touch her, be it her new earrings, her strand of hair that’s caught in the wind, or while crossing a busy street. And each time you touch her, let your hands linger just a bit longer than required. She’ll sense your hand lingering and she’ll love it.

    Ask her out often

    Once in a while, when you’re flirting with her, ask her out to a movie or lunch the next day. The best time to pop this question would be when you’re just about to say goodbye, or when you’re text flirting.

    Make those late night calls

    The night has a funny way of awakening our sexuality. Any two friends who indulge in long conversations with each other at this bewitching hour can assure you of this one.start calling her up or texting her late into the night and have your flirty conversations.The relaxed late night conversations will soon evolve into a mutual attraction that will easily cross the boundaries of friendship in no time.

    Let her see you as a dating potential

    During a few conversations with her, drop a few hints that you’re looking out for a girlfriend or are interested in going out with someone. If she’s single or in a bad relationship, she’ll involuntarily think about both of you together, especially if it’s one of those late night calls.

  • @candy27 I see, you wanna flier when I'm away 😋

  • @leo_sihra flirt *****

  • hi will u follow me?

  • @muzannib what a horrible pick up line. Sounds so rapey.

  • @us-poet said in Are you a good flirt?:

    @muzannib what a horrible pick up line. Sounds so rapey.

    Lol ..come follow me ,i have candy in my black,tinted window & totally suspicious van.

  • @stranger_danger said in Are you a good flirt?:

    @us-poet said in Are you a good flirt?:

    @muzannib what a horrible pick up line. Sounds so rapey.

    Lol ..come follow me ,i have candy in my black,tinted window & totally suspicious van.

    Just say your black,tinted window & totally suspicious van has free and high speed Wifi!

  • @leo_sihra 😆😆😆

  • Gamers

    meh like i was any good

  • @candy27 I'm just awful

  • @candy27 😡😡😡

  • Hi I am good in bed

  • @candy27 Dear you may came across many flirter guys...BC you are damn cute😍🙌
    So you can learn from them😂😅😍

  • @candy27 I don't know if i am a good flirt or not. But best pickup line maybe "You smell like trash. Can i take you out?" XD