• If I've spent a certain amount of time and energy on someone, I have a hard time letting them go... even if we weren't romantic or they weren't very nice to me. Often I'll find myself trying to make amends with someone who isn't worth it, or lying awake thinking about them after we've separated. It's not even like I enjoy being hurt, yet I still have a hard time letting go. Is anyone else like this?

  • How I've come to terms with the loss of a person if it's your choice or theirs, you let them go for your own good or theirs. Yes, it can be hard, but people cross your path, pass by you on your path, or walk beside you on your path. There is a reason for each friendship/relationship.

  • @autumnfyre It's never easy letting someone go regardless of how you have been treated . If you feel that someone is worth the time in the first place, once you have invested time you tend to question, where has the person I met gone? or but things were different at the start, what's up?
    I find it hard to let people go. I tend to see good in peeps when others have red flashing lights
    I think it comes from having a good nature'd soul. I think this also allows people to feel they can act how they like towards you.
    The does eventually come a time where you have to draw a line in the sand. If not it can effect you as a person in various ways :/

    Romantic or not.... it's never easy feeling you wasted time and energy

  • @autumnfyre

    Nice music references btw.
    Back to the topic. I always fight till the last consequences for a person either them being romantic or not to me. I believe that everyone that crosses our paths have a reason to do so, might as well get the best out of each.
    It's not that you enjoy being hurt but them leaving and the memories will haunt you more. I speak for myself, I feel better to have an ex of mine talk to myself every few days so that we can keep each other updated then to have her fully disappear.

  • @autumnfyre yes, i had trouble let go of a girl i loved but who friendzoned me. Eventually i cut this string to her and it felt like the world had ended. I lived (if you can imagine)... then i had a solid 6yrs relationship witch crashed suddenly like Boeing 747 without left wing (imagine surviving from that). But now i'm happily married for 4yrs (Good for me eh?)

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    @autumnfyre I am not in troube letting go because I always look on the bright side but I Admit it is not easy letting go,it is one of the most difficult situation in my life..

    In general letting go can be in two ways..It will make us sad or happy depending on the situation and persons who are involve,and it takes a superhuman strenght to finally be able to let go..Letting go means realizing and accepting that there are some people that can be a part of our past,but not our present or our future..

  • hmm I do.. even memories. HAHA

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