Friends I met on Discord.............

  • Movie Buff

    UN Ayra- i swear to god this guy sounds like pyrocynical.
    Tanner- friendly sweet gay guy. he'll be nice to everyone on vc.
    Neo hitler- this fucking guy. rambling about jews die and he will
    deported you to the gas chambers.
    Captain cuddles aka Dr acool- I annoyed him sooo much that he
    changed his name to captain cuddles.
    Lil Kodak Krak- pretty chill dude to hang out with. honestly
    by looking his pfp, he looks like high school dropout stoner.
    Daddythighs aka Daddylou- this guy is non sense. i think hes on crack.
    Sammy'- this satanic witch roasted me. I like her alot.
    Pedro the friendly guy- this guy is fetish with roblox and fortnite skins.
    Lady samantha- this bitch who muted me and still cant join voice channels.

    thier are alot fucking retards who didnt make the list but @wtfjudith is weird af
    im feel so sorry for zoobs dick lol lol lol

    if you see me on other servers in voice channels. you hear me talking and practicing
    my social skills alot. so prepared to be cringed.

  • Henlo Gang tws gay club but no homo SPARTAN Global Moderator Doggo Wuvers


  • Wanna exchange nudes?

  • CJKO..GTFO means? haha

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