• ...like spending 5 minutes taping up a smashed tissue box with only 3 tissues left.

    What pointless things have you done (or still do)?

  • @justchatamy When I try to feed the duck's, and there are to many seagulls around.
    This is pointless, because the seagulls are way to quick.. I still carry on tho hoping to feed the duck's (sure I will have more for ya throughout the day lol)
    I just been walking in the rain in a t-shirt, which I think is pretty pointless, but more than that .... I had to buy some pastries for a group I sit with on Friday morning's...(that's not pointless I hear you say!)


    I also bought myself some food for dinner (non microwave stuff)

    when I don't have a cooker to cook it on :/

  • @justchatamy yesterday i drove 50km to the shop only to discover the item was soldout. I could have just pic up the phone and ask if they got it. Don't know if driving around aimlesly is pointless tho. It's like a hobby to me anyways. So i guess pointless was this post about not being sure what is pointlesnes es s...

  • @justchatamy From baiting my nails, talking to my cat knowing she doesn't understand a word, to telling myself that I will finish something tomorrow and that I should take a break today, knowing I will have the same mentality tomorrow. Some of the things I do very often. To me, all these are unnecessary (is pointless same as unnecessary?)