• I declare my statements are true. I declare that all of my words here is not for encouraging you. I declare this letter is my genuine words about my feeling for you and i swear if you figure out i am lying, breaking single of words, saying the sweet lies, you can unfriend me and hate me forever

    Dear My Wife, @Willow

    First time i came to this TWS, you are the first genuine, words person, funny girl with a lot of jokes. A girl who never stop stealing my heart with your life stories, a girl who wins all of my heart even when i am in love with Judith until now, a girl with all of amazing characters who never scolded me, cursed me, when i need you with me.

    I may not be a good writer, i may not be someone who can write everything in my heart. However i believe, "our love will bring you back", "our love will listen your screaming", "our heart will understand your tired", "our heart will be with you when you think everything is worst", "our memory will remember you every funny things here", "our memory will make you stay for whatever hard situation is". Our mean you and all of us, your friends here.

    Are you lost? Are you frustrated? Are you exhausted? Are you done because you see too much bad words? Are you done because no one appreciate you?
    Willow, since first time i agree to have "a drama marrying you" in that posts, it means i am ready for all of consequenses, for all of cursing words and bad words, for being all ears in every bad statements about you. A second protest letter is not about i want to make all of things revealed up, to make @ODIN down to be an administrator, to please everyone so they will get attentions from talkwithstranger, to grant whatever people wish about the next generation of Global Mods, none of that. IT IS BECAUSE YOU UNMOD YOURSELF. because i know, when you did it, it means you are done, you are enough with all of this, you reach your limits and you are ready to leave all of us here. I know you never shared any single pieces your problems, i know i am an outsider, i know i cant be 24/7 everyday everytime when you need me, i know i may not be a good friend of yours, i know i cant love you like the way i do to @WtfJudith , i know that i may be the worst person ever who always create drama but you have to know @Willow , i make myself as a drama queen because i dont want you to feel hurted, to feel sad, to feel disappointed because someone said your posts are rubbish, drama, or many things. You know who i am. I did all of this crazy stuff for you, to stop people harassing you, saying bad things to you, cursing you when you dont feel good, to be a part of you when people discouraging you. I know you dont need my protection, but this is the way i do loving you and i never play with my words.

    This is my personal message :
    @Willow i never lost my respect to you even when you unmod yourself and you dont tell me the ugly truth. I feel disappointed in that time, because i know you are the best mods ever but i can do nothing because you reach your limits like i do right now. Seeing @ODIN changed to be an ass while he was my best dude ever is kinda a painful thing for me and i feel you. All of things you have done here, i wanna say i am highly appreciate you. You fight many things just to make this site to be a better place of us. You do many things for us but no one value you the way you do. You want to follow the guidelines but nobody gives you a shit about it. I am always on your side, for whatever happened, for whatever your mistakes, your sins in the past because i know you put your best effort there to be a good person. Thank you @Willow to always be there and do the best things you do. Thank you for all of your unlimited patience, all of your valueable effort, all of your good actions for all of us. You are an amazing girl ever. So, I have granted every wishes of yours, see all of things i have done for you, you want someone who have a huge damn crush on you? You want someone appreciate you, understand you, love you the way you are, stop talking rubbish things and accept you even the nasty of you? See me now. I know, i know, we always be like this, to be a good friend of yours :( Screw with all of people who hates you, saying bad things about you, wanting you to leave. See my genuine words on my signature, feel it. Hence, i dont want to hear your words leaving this site anymore. It hurts me a lot like i am losing snek :( It broken me a lot like i know i will lose Judith.

    With My Endless Love,

    Aput (Your Husband)

  • @aput Turns around G's cannon :grin:
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  • LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • @aput U write soo much , bro. It's hard to read your post. Don't ur finger tired of typing that much stuff??

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    APUT sorry im too lazy to read a long post( well i read it once)
    i think you're being too personal and over reassure. thats what i read
    your letter is............. come on man, aput just move on like never happened
    its that easy. are you obsessed with judy and willow???????

  • @aput

    People never learn smh

  • What is this gay shit?

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