• I have a neighbor upstairs.
    He’s always having a bad day,
    He’s stomping and yelling,
    Which makes me feel sad.
    I really don’t know much about him.
    I just know he makes my life a lot harder.
    He makes me rethink my life when I’m lying in bed.
    I hear him walking around, while I dream.

    One day he came home really mad.
    That day I made a really bad mistake.
    I was yelling so loud, I decided to talk to him.
    He and I started to get into a huge fight.

    Few minutes passed and he and I were still fighting.
    We were yelling down each other throats.
    I guess we were so loud, my mom came in to check on me.
    Little did she know, her worst fear was behind the door?

    My mom held her breath and slowly opened the door,
    Her mouth dropped open,
    She quickly reaches for her phone.
    Her daughter is fighting with herself,
    Banging her head against a wall,
    Yelling “shut up, I just want to sleep”

    The EMTs arrive and tie me down,
    Even though in my eyes, I’m still yelling with my neighbor
    He’s telling me I need to die.
    I’m the worst neighbor he’s ever had,
    The more I think, the more I believe him.
    Maybe it is time to die

    My neighbor upstairs was actually my depression.
    My imagination made a man and put him in my head.
    I’ve gone crazy, at least that’s what the doctors say.

    But one thing's for sure,
    Soon he will be gone and I’ll get a new neighbor.

  • @hales18

    Gave me goosebumps. Jesus, what a twist!