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    @sunshinef pak how could i able not to memorize this salagubang,i fel tan-g-a tulog

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    @morf its hard to translate but its not alienation its twinnation language azriel is my twin..nikita is my twin also but we speak hindupino haha

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    @azriel Hindi mayad ei kasabot timo pAtay gid ko..tigokon ko nlang ni

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    @g-a Alright let’s form a solution. Let’s try to let @Bela be mod and if it doesn’t work out, we can always unmod her.

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    @g-a We never know unless we try 🙂

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    @vampire_queen said in CAMPAIGNING BELA FOR MODERATOR:

    @therisingsun said in CAMPAIGNING BELA FOR MODERATOR:

    We all have someone we don't like on here, or hold a personal grudge against. mods and users alike, i have experienced this first hand.
    Do you care to explain why you unfollowed me? Or why you downvoted some of my posts regarding me calling your boyfriend a delusional narcissist? or why you only upvote your own friends? (i'll gladly return the favour btw, as you may have noticed) I'd say you hate the piss out of me and you are just as biased and imperfect as anyone else on this site.
    you don't publicly attack people on this site, i'll give you that. You approach things passive agressively or sneakily behind the scenes. Everyone has their tactic but it is all just as effective to get the message across.
    So don't come here and pretend to be a flawless mod who invented the wheel, you are just a hypocrit teenager with an opinion very few people share.

    It sounds like you are trying to find excuses not to let bela become a mod.
    Again, don't get me wrong, i am not here to defend Bela's cause, just to call you out on your bullshit.

    What concerns GA, he's not a dramaKING, he's a dramaQUEEN, and i'm sure that's a title he is proud of.

    @therisingsun okie Mr lets handle things first things first. If I offended you by simply downvoting a topic(as I have the right to do) then I apologize. If I offended you for having my own opinion, I apologize. But last I checked I do not hold any personal grudges against you. I have not been harsh towards you. And also I have not involved myself in drama towards you. I simply downvote something I do not agree with and go about my business like someone mature would do. Now I am sorry that you feel this way towards me and you feel like I find myself as perfect but if you can recall correctly I mentioned in the list that mods needed to accept their flaws and yes I have done that. I have apologized for any way of offending our or anyone here and I handled it in a mature way with mature words. Yes, if I do have an issue I do not handle it publicly( except when someone thinks they are calling me out then I will explain the situation) because I believe there is class in privacy. But if you would like me to become more public with responses like this I’ll try to help because that’s what I’m here for is to help. Now once again I am sorry you feel this way but I hold no personal grudges against you or anyone on this site as I’ve said before. And no I am not publicly against Bela as I’ve said before I do not know her personally I was just simply giving my opinion about the matter. Thank you for looking that “deeply” into me tho I love it when people get to know me😄 I hope that you have a great day and that this response has helped you with your little insite on me!

    I didn't have to look very deep 😬, it's all on the surface and i missed this reply 😕 just stumbled upon it.
    yup class in privacy indeed, that's why you made a topic about it a few days ago 😂 The main thing i wanted to say to you is that you are a hypocrit, and you keep proving that.
    I know you were getting owned and called out in that topic as well, that's why you deleted it hmm? (or is it just me, maybe i can't find it anymore?).

    Maybe, just maybe it's time you learned to listen instead of trying to have the last word 'missy'.
    I hope you have a nice day as well! Now kindly get out of my face, toddler. Had enough of this drama bullshit.

  • @bela giandaman ko na daan (bisaya ni para lisud I translet) hahaha

    P.S. perteng taasa
    P.P.S. kasabot kaw tana


    @azriel Hiligaynon ako hindi bisaya gid abi pero cge lang kasabot giyapon alam gid nga bata gin bisaya para budlayan gid

    Pareho ra kami ni lili na makasabot pero dili tanan hahahaha gana gajud basta daghay sinultihan sa Pinas.

  • @bela kasabot sab ko hahahaha patay gajud ka

  • @bela lmao

  • @g-a Or maybe u don't know her as i do.

  • This post is deleted!

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