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  • Contract for the Acquisition of a Soul I the undersigned (hereforth referred to as “soul-bearer”) do hereby relinquish all ownership, rights, privileges and permissions of my everlasting and eternal soul (hereforth referred to as “your soul”) to the Eternal Prince of Darkness (hereforth referred to as “Satan”), in exchange for the item(s) listed below (hereforth referred to as “the item”). Regulations : I. The item may include that of an intangible nature (such as love, happiness, world peace or the death of an enemy), however may not be anything that would deem this contract null and void (e.g. eternal life, immortality, existing in a time before this contract was signed, etc.) II. If the item is to be something that involves a 3rd party’s life (as would be the case in exchanging one’s soul for love) - both parties’ souls become the ownership of Satan. III. Item will be granted in exchange for your soul within 24 hours of the signing of this contract. If item is not granted in the allotted time, exchange (and this contract) shall become null and void until further notice. IV. One item per soul. No refunds or renegotiations. All exchanges are final and valid for all eternity. Cannot be combined with any other offer or soul. The Item rich for as long as i exist Soul-Bearer Otis jr Blackledge buyer: BOtis NAME :Otis jr Blackledge SIGNATURE : Otis jr Blackledge

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    @ObviouslyLucifer isn't online right now but i'm sure he's interested!

  • If you click here


    Legal Contract

    You can download the contract,

    Please fill the necessary details with as much accuracy as possible,

    And upload the final copy to Google drive or Dropbox or any file hosting website and dm me the downloadable link.

    Once you have dmed it, one of our demons will get in touch with you.

    Hope you consider doing business with us!


    P.S: If you send link for anything other than the contract I will personally drag you to the 7th circle 🙂.

  • @ObviouslyLucifer do you actually buy souls, i have added your instagram and you can also email me [email protected]

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