• @pugopilis said in No one cares if it’s your birthday Judifh:

    @basic-bitch I care. @WtfJudith mai fren😁

    lov u 2 fren 😘

  • @basic-bitch cool

  • @rendezvous I like how you’re still here when you planned to leave like the 10th time lmao. Indians

  • @rendezvous Idc lmao. You're probably one of the most arrogant users and I am going to be honest. Maybe I shouldn't have asked you questions about some topic because of course you're going to have to say "You're logic gets worse" or "Don't give me another bullshit argument", judging by that you don't respect other people's opinions. After I told you I was leaving, you wanted to still keep in touch with me. Then after you managing to piss me off by criticizing what I said weeks ago about suicide, I just decided to take it out on you. I don't know where you get "narcissistic" from but it's not true, you're still a newbie in this dumb site. I am almost going to be a year old here, I am older than you all. Keep talking shit all you want, you and your lapdogs thats constantly up upvoting you and downvoting me doesn't affect me at all lmao. You don't solve problems, instead you make them worse to protect your ego.

    I have a book to read now, it's about a mafia and a girl. He's hotter than you in both looks and personality. Remember what I said rendy, don't rely on your ego a lot. :)))

  • @wtfjudith ofc you didnt see him disrespecting and wronging others like me, this all happened in the dms, you have the right to remain silent if you are going to side with Mr. I-Know-Everything-And-If-I-Spot-Something-The-Person-Said-That-Bothers-Me-Then-I-Will-Make-Them-Feel-Stupid-And-Wrong-Them-Any-Other-Way.

    @Rendezvous stfu already lmao, ofc you dont know my problems, you are blinded by egos. I am reading a book because I like romance, and I imagine myself in the story. I just mentioned hotness because you look too chubby when you sent me a selfie and I am not into know-it-alls.

    Maybe users here just keep wronging me because they are simple minded and can't understand deep things. Only 0000000000.00001% do.

  • @rendezvous LMAO!! I fucking said no because you fucking pissed me off first over saying "mOrE lIkE sTuPiD oPiNiOn". Honestly, what's the point of you wanting to still keep in touch with me when we aren't going to even talk in the future (I don't know about that), even when I said I was leaving TWS for good (I failed again) and you agreed and said you were going to leave too, look at you now. Still stuck in the void huh? I am mean to everyone because of everyone here like to side with the wrong people (like that Italian purple ringed baby gap who was born in Canada to be set up for adoption) and people here just don't know how to tolerate others. Remember when I told you that Batman told everyone a ridiculous thing about me and meg saying I sent a dick pic to her and most managed to believe him? I actually lost my marbles on that one. You know why I take it on everyone here? Because this site is a piece of shit, just like you. This site is only a moment of time, this site is just involved with my teenage years currently. If I had the chance to leave this shithole that keeps destroying and changing every bit of me, I will not hesitate. This site is pointless, so why not just do a bunch of shit here? Honestly, you just choose to not understand others, if you did this all wouldn't happen in the first place and I would still continue living out of this dumb site and not hold a grudge against you. You're arrogant. I am going, to be honest, you are intelligent, and I am fascinated. But you just took it to the next level just because I was being distant towards you. I hope you enjoy idiots siding with you and keep upvoting you while downvoting me because they are also just like you. This site would be better if it was in the past, the past that never involved people like you.

  • @vampire_queen I don't know who you are but you can try, I am still one of the superior users anyways. ^^

  • @vampire_queen eh I never really cared anyways

  • @rendezvous You're indian so you're still inferior. I will always be one of the best users here ^^

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