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    As the world turns, people walk past each other not seeing the emotions or thoughts of the strangers around them.
    They dont know the pain or the struggles that other are having.
    Because we have our own problems. It is anything from not getting asked out by that cute guy to the crippling depression that pushes you down every day.
    The pain of the world is actually just life. We are put on this Earth and after a short period with your parents, we are put to work. Millions of hours dedicated to studying and stressing over tests. Constantly worrying about being compared to the geniuses of the world.
    Being subjected to those strangers thst dont know you, but already have opinions.
    Then you struggle with finding out who you are. What you believe and dont. Then having to stand up against someone who doesnt believe the same. Dressing different from everyone else. You dont want to be unique, because unique is just an illusion of happiness. The minute you become the unique away from everyone else’s unique, youre too different for the world.
    Those first years of your life, childhood, you suffer the most criticism it feels like. Then thats even the worst part. You need to make adult decisions. Like what you wanna be, how much you want to succeed. Do you pick your dreams from childhood or do you pick the hard truth, reality?
    We become zombies to the society. Day in and day out going through the routine of a “perfect” life. Instead of enjoying the happiness we can all obtain.
    We love and then lose. And it hurts the most when you know that the people you love arent always going to be around.
    With every life. No matter who you are, it comes to an end. It varies on when. Take a look at the people who you are around daily. Family, friends, partners, annoying coworkers, or even just nameless faces. Take a look, because all the memory you have of them, are just that, a memory.
    When I say i live “in the now”, it means I refuse to acknowledge that there isnt a forever for anyone. My daughter wont be here, she isnt here. My true love, wont be here, he isnt here. Your family, wont be here, they wont always be there.
    And its a harsh reality of death. To have unique traits that people destroy, its own kind of death. To have dreams destroyed by reality of needing money/degrees/acceptance from others, its own kind of death.
    Having people close to you ripped away one by one, is worse than deatg itself.
    And then at the end of it all, your own actual death, is the one that hurts the least.
    Because as a human, you live a life that has ups and downs. And the downs can absolutely destroy you. And if they do, game over. But if you prosper to another day, you are one day closer to another version of death. You are also one day closer to the least painful of them all.

    So take a look. Look at those pictures of happy times. Remember the good memories. Look forward to the next up, and try not to remember the pain of the downs.
    Live your life, keep walking past those nameless faces. Hug the people you love. And never forget that the death, is your ultimate goal. Because once its here, you have had the strength to make it to the end of the plan. The universes plan of your life.

  • Freedom Writers

    @willoww hey thanks for sharing some insight into your life, and remember, you need to figure yourself out. I know from personal experience, that if you don't know who you are, you'll never be able to love anyone properly. I don't know if that applies to you too, but it's a lesson I'm learning the hard way.

  • @willoww
    Wow willow.. very touching💚

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    @willoww said in The ultimate Goal:

    So take a look. Look at those pictures of happy times. Remember the good memories. Look forward to the next up, and try not to remember the pain of the downs.

    So true! That's the key to happiness Y'all.

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