Why do need Development, when it causes destruction ultimately

  • In to this world of desires and dreams humans are trying to be developed since from their existence, but we can see for our development we are destroying nature or we are doing right thing from our perception but not from other point of view.
    I want your comments on this, so next time I will try to publish according to your questions.

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    I believe there is only one reason why one of the greatest minds alive is currently looking at living on Mars - Because earth no longer stands a chance for reparation with our species still on it.

    Each year there are between 200 and 2,000 extinctions of species every year with a majority of that being caused by our presence.

    There is roughly Seven billion tons of garbage on this planet presently.

    One of the last statements from Koko the gorilla was pleading for help from humans to fix the planet yet at the same time - calling them stupid due to seeing how they act via sign language. Id have to agree with the ape, We are a ridiculous and selfish species in totality. " Nature see's you" was the part that stuck with me in that speech that precious ape gave.

    Imagine if all animals could communicate and better yet, imagine if we tried to enable them to do so like they did with Koko. What do you think they would say?

    I could keep going but honestly, its all nightmare fuel and I think Agent Smith's quote from The Matrix suits my opinion best;
    Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. A virus.
    (After all, we are in progress to go to mars to basically do the same thing, Ruin it.)

    If there was a button that would remove us - You bet your ass id slam that down in a heartbeat. We had our chance. Would you do the same?

  • @Aman-s-Formula If you look deeply into humans , you'll realize that everything done so far is a result of a bad or incomplete "Inner self motives and desires comprehention " while the main human natural needs are still the same fixed since the mankind ever took control over earth and nature .

  • @Donwright-Music 😯😵I am speechless, such a great thinking man. Cheers

  • @The-Mods awesome, I agree with you, thanks for your suggestions.

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  • @Aman-s-Formula Development is normally being thought as something desirable. We can't say it is important or not, in absolute manner. It's relative and varying according to contexts. Development for whom? Development of what?

  • Kaia thanks for sharing your thoughts on that, I appreciate that.