Should I continue or just stop hoping?

  • I met this guy online. It was one of this chat-to-stranger sites that I was in and I stumbled on a particular guy… or maybe he stumbled on me. Whichever it is, we started having some conversations there. He is from a foreign nation with a different timezone. We do video calls most of the time and he is really fun to talk to. He’s smart and has a sense of humor. We were like this for four months. However, in those four months, it was never constant. He would be gone for a week or two and when he comes back, he just apologizes on his disappearance and everything will be back on the way they are. I don’t have any other means of contacting him than Skype because the site (chat-to-stranger site) only offers temporary accounts. Yes, we exchanged Skype names but we are both using dummy or fake accounts in Skype and although we have known each other for months already, we still don’t know each other’s names. We just go by the fake names we have in our Skype profiles. I do know that I am already feeling something special for him, I mean who wouldn’t if he has all the qualities that a girl would want her man to have except for consistency which is actually a good thing for me; I get challenged this way. He is sweet, like a boyfriend type of sweet, which actually makes me fall for him even more, but he is too inconsistent; it’s almost beyond my tolerance. But whenever he comes back, I can’t help but just accept his reasons. I do have my doubts but I just shrug it off keeping in mind that there has to be a reason for his absence. Besides, I’m not in the position to demand, right? It’s just that, I don’t know if I should still continue being this way or should I just stop hoping for him?

  • @marga93 hey marga...good to read ur post.I think he got a different story about when it comes to reality,like family and he may be on and off. What's good about your virtual relationship is,,that u both enjoy your sweet little talks.
    I suggest you to be happy with this things and stop thinking of more...good luck.

  • @marga93 hey marga...

  • @marga93 if you don't know enough about him after 4 months then my advice is to move on. It doesn't seem as if he was being very honest with you. Feel free to hmu

  • @wet-teri hey message me

  • @marga93 u should

  • @marga93 oh dear. stop your daydreaming. LDR doesnt work. find someone else.

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