Woman who overdominated her husband

  • We are together for over 18 years.
    He's very obedient now, my guess is because he doesn't have grounds. But I don't want him anymore, in terms of sex.
    My options: I either lose my domination
    or: I stay the same as I was all along but try smth else

    More info: I'm the breadwinner, he hasn't worked for about 17 years now. Given this, he insists on treating me like a royal by buying caviar and stuff, which is of course going off my account (to which he's got access, but there is still MY money which I maybe want to spend somewhere else)
    And this is weird - he's buying me stuff out of my money, but presenting it like "hey babe, look at this fcking unbelievable bouquet I've bought you!"

    My question is - how do I bring him down to reality without looking like a witch? And how could I send him to work?..

    Anyone got into smth similar? LMK!

  • sweet cheesus lol
    I didn't realise it's a garbage site


    I guess you guys have nothing to share in this respect, but in case you do - I'll be monitoring and thank you in advance!

  • @letta You need to take action like a lady not like a girl. Be dominant, show him attitude. Stop making food for him, let him do things himself. dont baby sit him. At the time of extreme sufferings the only 2 hands that will come 2 help you will be at the end of your own arms

  • @tina already talking in PM, you're making point with what you're saying

  • Looking at the way he is acting, its seems that all he wants is some of your attention. It's like kids doing mischief to get the attention of their mother. Try having a heart to heart talk with him. While doing that ask him things like how is he feeling these days and are there something that he wants to tell you and also address this issue kindly but sternly. He may not say anything at first but try it a little longer. If he opens up, you two would be a much happier couple and if he doesn't, it could mean that he is having some other issues. In any case, good luck.

  • and sorry for not responding to your message in my thread. I have no excuses for that and I hope you could see this message.