•  He remembers beautiful times with his darling wife. They would rent a beach house in the late summer and sip champagne while laughing together and watching the waves crash onto the shore. A summer vacation away from their jobs, she working as a surgeon, and him a scientist. They were both stressful occupations, yet they enjoyed doing them, but it exhausted them. Now they relax with only the sound of their voices and the crashing waves.
     She had stepped onto the shoreline late at night, crossing her arms and shivering from the steady wind of the sea. He started to walk toward her, but froze still as something moved in the water. Something unordinarily big moving unordinarily close to the shore. She began to step back, but didn't go far as the enormous figure leaped from the salty water and knocking her off balance. He gasped and ran as fast as he could, but it was too late. The thing had flung her in the air and as soon as she came down, grinded her in its teeth and strew her body parts everywhere. The thing had fled with a sudden sense of triumph, leaving the man there at his knees, mouth hung open.
     He had gathered her parts and sorted them in his lab. He had taken his former partner's anatomy guide for reference. He lay the body parts in order, head to toe (6 toes), and had reconnected the organs and systems accordingly. He stitched the parts back together and went to his tool drawer. When she was attacked, she had lost about 62% of her skin. He picked up a box and stared at it. It was obvious she couldn't stay alive without anything holding her blood in place. He opened the box and picked up its contents. How was he going to make this work? He held the needle and thread in his left hand, and leather in the other. He stitched the patches of exposed muscle with tan leather, keeping her alive once she was again. 
     He had chained her to an electric table and had wires attached to her insides, allowing them to automatically remove when she awakens. **If** she awakens. He had activated the table to dispose the electrical currents into her body. He stopped the machine. She had began twitching and he almost threw up due to the foul stench of rancid, rotted skin and muscle. He activated the machine again and this time, she jerked upward with an absolute force. She had developed cataracts and she stared back at him with the clouded, undead eyes. He had done it... His wife was officially r3aΩ1m@t3d.