A foreign brand stole one of my designs and is making money off it.

  • I’m a graphic designer and I do a lot of freelance work, like designing logos and shirts for clients from other countries. While I was browsing through Instagram, I found one of my designs printed on a shirt and I don’t remember working for the clothing line that posted it. I did some research and I found out it was a foreign brand from Europe that stole my design. What sort of legal action can I take for the design they stole from me? Is it going to cost a lot to hire a lawyer to help me out with this issue? Anyone who has ever had their work stolen and used without compensation or permission knows how badly it feels. However, if it’s too costly I’m afraid I’m just gonna have to let this one slide. Any advice would be great.

  • @designerman put some watermarks on your templates/work and if they ever Photoshop it out you can easily report it to IG/other authorities to take it down. If you want to make money out of it you can always engage a dispute and make money out of it. Many lawyers are looking for cases like that because they make alot of money out of it (+ most of the time you don't need to pay them since they're satisfied of what they got with the court) So yeah basically warn the page to take it down and if they dont take the necessary measures ✌