• To whom it may concern:
    Hello everyone!
    Long story short: I want to visit the Philippines in August, and I need some information.

    1. Is it really such a bad time for a visit? I know it's rain season but rain doesn't bother me. I am more worried about the temperature. From all Asian countries I was only in Thailand and it was 36 degrees in December...

    2. I would like to avoid crowded places and go to some smaller towns to relax and get to know the local people, can you recommend the good place for that? I was thinking about the Luzon region(Cabanatuan City loooks good on the map), or Davao.

    3. Do you know the places where I could ask someone about life in the Philippines details/ what should I prepare for arrival? When I googled a "chat with Filipino", I received dozens of date sites...

    4. Can recommend some good sites for a foreigner so that I can read something about the local culture and learn some basic phrases.

    5. Or maybe someone knows typical mistakes that I should avoid? -> (with the exception of traveling in August, this is my only deadline...)

    Thanking you in advance.

  • I wont be that much help as i have not travelled a lot of provinces in the Philippines. I live in the city and the farthest that Ive visited here is Palawan and Ilocos. It would be a great help to read articles on tripavisor or check out vlogs on youtube. There are a lot of vloggers sharing their experiences while here in the Philippines.