• @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ hard to explain it in english fanta,but simply creativity created knowledge,knowledge helps out with creativity

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ Actually both are important. But when compared between those 2, It all depends on the requirements of your job and tasks.
    Like simply, For a writer, Creativity might be more important than knowledge.
    Then lets say, for an engineer or a bureaucrat, First they need to have a theoretical knowledge of their subjects and then they must be creative enough to use that knowledge for new things and doing stuff in different ways. So, in this case both are important
    Then, Consider a journalist or a reporter or even s simple doctor, For these people knowledge might play a greater role than creativity.

  • @rendezvous So I don't disagree but I want to try to expand. Something that I think your not taking into account is the fact that thousands of people especially student have no idea what career they want and honestly they would rather waist thousands of dollars on student debt than decide so I think your response isn't quite complete. I think this is because many people often make decisions based on how they feel on the matter. Where as others take a more rational approach. I think that the use of knowledge is the best way to come to a decision where as emotion is the best way to act on those decisions. Realistically this isn't usually the case because humans aren't usually born with the perfect balance of both and tend to lean more one way than the other.

  • @rendezvous For example someone deciding to attack and harm someone is an emotional response which is bad but someone deciding doing homework is good but simply not caring enough to do it is bad.

  • @larrythelobster From where tf did emotions come into this debate?
    Though its true. ✌️

  • @larrythelobster On the other side of things someone deciding to help someone out of sacrifice like giving money away of becoming a missionary is good and someone being a detective or doctor is also good

  • The point I'm trying to make is that to be creative like an artist or composer tend to follow the trend of being driven by emotional decisions like how does this painting feel or does this song feel good. So the type of person that is good at this would be one that's more emotional. So I think there equal but for different reasons.

  • @γαητα I voted no because i figure that in order to create you need to have knowledge.
    The reason I say this is if you have no knowledge of things how could you create anything in the first place?
    If you were to imagine that a child from birth up, while learning (walking, supporting itself, etc, etc) the child does not create... it has no perception of creation, just learning... hence knowledge.
    Therefore I come to the conclusion that in order to create you must have some for of idea of (usually) a problem that need solving, probably something practical, maybe not......
    good example here is the vacuum cleaner...
    The problem: sweeping was a major chor... ie: the vacuum was invented.
    My smarty pants Dyson came along, took the old idea and developed it into a smarter vacuum....
    I need to finish now cause I could go on, circumnavigation what I already said lol

  • @γαητα I think they're equally important because this world would be friggin boring without creativity and we'd never advance further than where we are. But if you take away knowledge, then we wouldn't have anything, no canvas to create on, unless something happens just from dumb luck.

  • Nothing matters. Creativity only causes depression. Knowledge will only give birth to more pain. It's better to know less than to suffer knowing that in this world, we don't matter. Our mark on this world will not determine anything. Life, as we know it, is worthless. There is no point to answering this poll. There is no point in typing out this paragraph. Nothing matters. No one matters. We will all die anyway, so what's the fucking point?

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    aren't you a bundle of joy :)

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  • @γαητα It depends mate. With both creativity and knowledge comes a certain amount of "responsibility" which requires you to use both of those well in specific situations. They have connections between them, but having knowledge about something lets you "think" before acting while being creative can lead to quick actions without thinking first, giving "bad" or unwanted results. Same can happen with knowledge tho. I personally think you should have both, and never be satisfied with "level" you are at in this very moment. So, there isn't really a universal answer to this question, but maybe it's easier to conclude that we should work on both of them, understand that they are really powerfull tools.

  • @dampmemes Life is how you make it. Perception is reality, and if that is how your perceive the world to be, it will always be that way. Ignorance is weakness. You may be blissfully unaware of what is around you, but how often that will come biting you in the ass. Knowledge is power. You gain footing and a sense of being. The more open you are to the world, the more enlightened your mind and body become. There is always a better life outside your room.
    If you want meaning to your life, actually try. If you don't, keep thinking how useless your life is as well as others and cry about it. Those who have a good life work hard to keep it that way. Most don't wake up everyday feeling fantastic and ready to go. They want to, and so they make it happen.
    Creativity causes the opposite. It creates a rainbow of emotion. A world without music, paintings, colors, writing...etc. would be dull. Might as well just live in a padded cell if you think creativity is depressing. Probably where you ought to be right now.