• Let me just share my thoughts on having foreign brides and resorting to online dating. Many men and even women are thinking that these women you can find online are only in for the cash. Here’s the thing, you cannot stereotype nor generalize these women because there are decent ones, well-educated and are just taking their chances of marrying someone foreign. Not all men can be successful in finding a decent online bride but then again, there are a lot of decent ones out there.

  • Hello men and women out there have you experiencing about this online dating are you happy with that kind of sites?

  • @happytoshare Absolutely agree with you dude. Good and bad people are around us - anywhere, anytime. I guess you just have to be vigilant and cautious with the choices you made right?

  • @happytoshare I agree that you can't generalize everybody because we all have different virtues in life. Let's just hope for the best that those people who are sincerely looking for love will find what they're looking for and will never cross their path with people who will use them for their own good.

  • @happytoshare so true girl. not all people are gold digger they are just wanted to have a man or a woman to love the rest of their lives.

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