Is it just me or is everyone in this community so nice to each other?

  • I feel like everybody is so nice here.

  • @matt64 are you a new joiner? If yes, WELCOME TO THIS SITE BRO.
    Well, i think all of people here are nice to be friends, even the administrator, the global moderator moreover some people who is lurking right now. But again, dont expect many things before you try something, dont judge a thing based on general things. Take your time 🙂

    P. S. May be you will find some "unpleasant moment" here but just embrace with it
    P. S. S. Try Global Chat if you need some good and warm friends. (This is because Global Chat is coming to the death)
    P. S. S. S Try Public Chat if you want to find another awesome bros and stunning girls.
    P. S. S. S. S. Good luck bro!

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