• High End

     I woke up in a room, non-decorated, and plain gray. I wasn't wearing anything. The mattress I lay on was worn out, yet stuffed with 100 dollar bills. I stood up, unaware of my whereabouts. 
     In the corner of the room stood a table with something on a plate. Curious, I went over the table. On the plate lay a card reading: EAT ME.
     There was something else on the plate. It had the shape of a demon's head with its long tongue sticking out. Without thinking, I put the demon head in my mouth, and it melted instantly and tasted of chocolate. 
     Suddenly, the floor dropped beneath me, into an abyss. The abyss turned into a pit of fire, changing hues and warping shape. Tiny demon heads flew out of the pit, screeching and giggling in high-pitched voices. 
     The scene switched, warped to an open clearing. A tiny van drove from the darkness, and its door opened. About 10 clowns piled out of the car. Their faces were eerie, disgusting, long and horrific. An axe lay on the ground in front of me, and I darted forward to grab it.
     More tiny vans appeared from seemingly nowhere. The clearing flooded with the creatures while the scene continued to warp. The only thing to do was swing. So I did. The only thing I saw was blood, guts, clowns...
     The scene changed again. It was the clearing again. The light changed and the amount of contrast increased. The color changed again and once again began the high-pitched screeching. I couldn't feel anything. I didn't feel alive.

  • @DA-PIC Erm fam your story didnt line up right you want me to sit it and fix it for ya?

  • @da-pic you should add some plot twist and make an ending dude. Where is the ending? Or may be no ending? Or perhaps you have part #2, part #3?

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