• When Shit Goes Downhill (Part 1)

    "Did you finish your homework?" Kat asked me when we walk into math.
    "Since when are YOU worried about homework?" I asked back to the girl standing with her back against the classroom wall.
    "I..." She eyed me up and down. "I dunno."
    I give her a weak smile as I walk up to my desk and sit down. Kat sits in the seat to the left of me.
    The tardy bell rings and sure enough, everyone's in class.
    "Today students," Mrs. Danielle starts as everyone takes their seat. "...we will be learning about circumference and what we use it for. Now, while I hope you finished your homework, it will not yet be graded. Just turn it in when class dismisses. Now, we take this equation here."
    She writes an equation on the board: C=2A^2.
    "Now what this means is that..."
    Mrs. Danielle continues on and on about a measurement that will only benefit you by teaching you how to measure your balls. I tune out her voice when I notice movement to my left. I look over. A guy in short, red hair starts to play with Kat's hair. She constantly moves his hand away or kicks at him, but he doesn't stop. Am I the only one who sees this? What only felt like seconds was actually to the end of the period. The next thing I knew, the bell rang and Kat was standing by my side.
    "Um... Jay?" She waved her hand in front of my face to get my attention. "Jay!"
    I look up at her, then down at my paper. It was blank. Kat was also looking at my paper.
    "Wow," she said. "Spaced out the whole period, huh?"
    I shake my head rapidly and stand. "Uh... Yeah, I guess." She giggled and trotted to the door and stopped.
    "Come on, Jay. It's free period." Kat said.

    We walked into the gymnasium and walked up to the top row. I sat down in a seat in the middle of the row, and Kat sat in the seat directly next to me. She took out her pen and notebook and began finishing her homework. She finally shut her notebook and turned to me.
    "Jay, you know that thing I was gonna ask you?" she said to me.
    "Oh yeah. What was it?"
    She smiled and drew back her hair. "Well, recently I've just been so-"
    Before she could finish, that red-headed freak slammed himself into the seat in front of us and turned around.
    "Sooooooo... Whatcha two doin'?" he said as me and Kat gave him our usual look of disgust.
    "None of your business, Damian!" Kat yelled.
    "Aww... Did you know you're CUTE when you get all angry?" Damian taunted.
    She glared at him and turned away. Damian turned to me.
    "Do it and you're dead." I said as he opened his mouth. He halted with two hands up, turned around and sat down.
    "Fucking retarded asshole," Kat whispered to herself.

    Twenty minutes later, a romance song played overhead in the speakers. Damian lifted his arns and reached upward. I looked down at what he was doing, then over at Kat. She was hugging her knees to where her backside and back legs were exposed to any touch. He turned around to look at me.
    I mouthed, "What the fuck do you want?"
    He smirked and reached higher, higher, higher... Then he rubbed his hand on the back of her thigh... And ass...
    I stood up and he shot his hand back. I jumped down the row in front of us and struck my fist across his jaw with a loud crack. He fell on the floor then turned back at me in time to see the the back my heel...

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