Hitler killed 6 million Jews & he was a Christian. Does that mean all Christians are Killers & Terrorists?

  • Hell no lol you're making a huge generalization out of a huge group of people just because one such individual was a shitty person,thats similar to the idea of rascism sexism etc.

  • is that for real? please check your history.. thankz

  • Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, saying Hitler single-handedly killed 6 million jews is a bit of an exaggeration. Not only did he receive large amounts of support from followers and members of his party, the entire SS division was dedicated to the cause without question. Also, Hitler was never much of a Christian to begin with. His only affiliation with the church was after WWI when he became involved in politics which required him to be on good terms with the majority of the German population at the time with were of course Catholics. So, no, just because Hitler killed a bunch of Jews does not mean all Christians are killer. And no, I am not defending Christians because I am one myself. I'm an atheist.

  • @alwaysstranger Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "anti-thiest"? Someone who is against religions? If so, I believe we are on the same page.

  • @tina Nope . Every reliogion has bad believers . Just becouse one out of a thousand is bad that doesn't mean all of them are bad . The majority of them are good .

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  • no because he decided to think that jews were inferior and didnt deserve to live

  • That is a twisted logic....No offense... Hitlers belief is not the reason why he killed the Jews.... I dont know what Hitler is thinking.... I dont know why he is so ruthless.... The books are not enough to tell his side of the story.... Why do people( usually leaders) use religion to kill?.... The message of both religions is peace , never hate, death and violence....

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  • Hey I am a christian and me myself does not like hitler and what he done. In fact it was just sick. But christians are not killers we want to love everybody and hen we get blamed for judging somebody because they doe something wrong or a big thing right know like gay people. we do not hate the that person cause we want good for everybody only thing we do not like is the sin even though we do it every day we also ask for forgiveness. so in conclusion I myself does not like what hitler done but I have been taught to hate the sin not the sinner and try to help them to see what they did wrong and that everybody will be judged for everything that we done.

  • @tina
    Hello Tina some people think they are doing things to help there loved ones but they are just Hurting them it just depends on who the person is 😂 love this convention by the way

  • Just sayin', one can only wish to claim to be Christian if they've done even the least of such atrocities. So Idek if this question/argument/whatever is valid since I'm implying Hitler wasn't a Christian. Or at least, he totally steered away from what it meant to be Christian.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I ain't no Christian, but I've read enough to understand the basic human morals taught by the religion.

  • @tina no he just had a lot of issues

  • @sybariumy
    Hitler really 😂😂😂 this is going to be good

  • yo I found this on the ol' interweb.

    "Weikart cites many contradictory statements by Hitler about religion, some showing him to be anti-religious, others praising 'the Almighty' and even sometimes Christianity. This was because Hitler was less interested in the veracity of religion and than in its political usefulness."

    We don't really know what Hitler was. Religion can be used for many reasons including justification of terrorism and murder. But i find most of the time religion is just used to make life less meaningless. That's, at least, what i use it for.

  • Freedom Writers

    That's like saying all Muslims are terrorists. That's like saying all white Americans oppress minorities. Generalizations like this are completely unfair. Just because one member of a group does something completely wrong doesn't mean ALL members of said group will do it. Maybe I'm ignorant about topics like this, and if so, excuse me... but in my opinion, this accusation that's been pinned on an entire group of people is false.

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  • Religion isn't responsible for the actions of the believers. People are evil and they rationalize it by the available means. If a killer wears sneakers, are sneakers responsible for his actions? I don't think so.

  • No, I don't think all Christians are because in my opinion if you think all Christians are killers and terrorists then, in comparison, it's like your thinking that all people are the same. (I'm not saying you think this)

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