• I took birth control pills for a little while when I was younger but it was mostly to balance my hormones. Since then, I’ve never really been on one because I’m not fond of it. But this time, I want to give it another try. I’m still quite scared about its potential effects on my body. I read somewhere that it might cause blood clotting or that it might even affect the kidney. These are what scares me a lot since I’m so paranoid. Anybody who got an experience in this aspect? Thanks.

  • To those who are using a contraceptives like pills is it safe to be used to a woman? Is there a side effects to the womens health? Please give me some of your advice guys..Thanks.

  • this is interesting!

  • @excitedgirl93 Don't take unless you already have someone whom you are in a sexual relationship already. It's really weird for me because you are still about to join a Tour. Does it mean that joining a tour would necessarily get you in bed with someone you just met?Hmmm..Don't get me wrong. I am just being curious. But in the positive side, you are just making yourself protected all the time.

  • @excitedgirl93 don't take any pills unless it's prescribed by a doctor. visit your doctor and ask her/him some advice about that.

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