• Ok so I'm only good in writing when it comes to Arabic,but here I go.
    Stop trying to be someone who's not you!
    You think if your being "cool" and "popular" without showing who you really are,will not affect you.But,on the contrary,it will.Convicing yourself, that your the same person your looking at in the mirror,is definitely not the way you wanna go.It's time for you to make a change in your life.If you smart then show it,if your a really nice guy/girl ,don't act like an asshole/bitch just so you can satisfy people.
    And you know what ?
    I believe in 3 C's in my life:change,choices,chance.
    Because,its time to take all of your CHANCES,to make a CHOICE,that will CHANGE your life.
    And,to be quite honest,you will loose alot of people while you trying to know who you are,so be strong on your own.
    And last but not least,
    The difference between you and me is that I'm built for this shit !
    I've conquered my demons.
    I've been broke,paid,lied to,taken advantage of,cheated on,hungry and full.
    My name has been dragged through the mud more than once and every time I pick it up and wash it off !
    That's why I'm self-made .I came a long way,and I still have a long way to go.
    Thank you for you time guys

  • @dinamo This is just amazing. Well written :))

  • @sup thank bro !I appreciate it really 😎😍

  • @dinamo I like your 3 C's in life .really amazing.....:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :+1: :+1:

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    @dinamo couldn't have said any better, well done 😊👍

  • @damncuteguy 100% true bro

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  • @naveen067 thank you naveen 🖐that's my lifestyle

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    @dinamo English suits you just fine! :)
    Maybe I can tell you in short about what happend in my life last 2 weeks. It's all about choices en making the wrong ones.

    I hade this job, till 3 days ago, Some of you may find it disturbing and if you do i hope you let me do my story..
    This job was in helping young woman, some not older then 18, in making the right choises in life. The area were I moved around in was in de online adult industry. There were so many young girls trying to make it in the industry and got lost. Lost in live....One day I thought, if I say to those girls NOT to do this work, they were probably lauging at me and doing it anyway. So I decided to help them, make right choises, not let them be intimidated by men and spend their earnings well.

    Did that for 3 years without charging any money.

    2 weeks ago, I stopped. Could not do it anymore. And theise girls, they all got pissed off and angry. So I just..left.

    This week I spoke with a man I only saw once before. He know the work I did. Wednesday he offered me to work with him. Also in the industrie but with aldults and all legit and taking care of. I'm a webdesigner and going to do those websites...out of thin air.

    Today Mr. AtariJones visited me. I was Surprised. He offered me to follow him to theTjeg republic and be his namesponser and be the name sponsor for this arts series he does.

    What i am trying to say. Everybody has to walk his own path of life. We all get hurt now an then. But its your pain and make you stronger every single time.


  • @meagain speechless 😶I really don't know what to say ....

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