Why am I still alive?

  • I really don’t know why I continue living

  • Ey, i dont actually know what u are going through but i can tell you tried and failed many times, you feel like u dont worth living anymore, like everytime you tryin to stand up and walk something brings you down. Or mybe everytime someone hurts u get pain like a stab in your heart and you feel like your heart is butchered now. Mybe you really tried your best but now you feel like you cant. You want to give up and start an after life... mybe u are right. But do you know why people succeed? What they went through until we call them "legends"? It might seem as impossible right now and feels like you are hopeless and worthless but my friend im ensuring you you are getting stronger. If you went throught a dark night then there is brighter day infront of u..all you need to do is have faith, rise up, start a fresh and see the opportunity in each new day. Remember anyone can love you when the sun is shining, in the storm is where you learn who truly cares for you buddy!!
    Everything will be so good soon, just hang in there and dont worry bout it too much.

  • Banned

    I am hopeless and depressed person, whose life has no value , so when I am living then you are far better than me. So, Enjoy your life. Always see the people who are in bad condition than u then u will feel , how lucky u are.

  • There should be a reason why you should be alive, you should enjoy life rather than completing a life sentence on Earth. You should live a life for yourself. Eat, pray, sleep, explore and do what all YOU like.

    you are still alive because still you've to fulfill the purpose for what you are here. Still you've not fulfilled it that's why you're still alive.

  • @iambucky Remember this quote “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” -Jimmy Dean

  • Get some help rather than being here.

  • @im-a-bae Heyyyy don't think of that please.

  • Movie Buff

    @sup I'm only speaking the truth 😊

  • Are you going through a hard time?

  • Movie Buff

    @lovemyapples sometimes I wonder myself too everyday

  • @cynthia-jo I’ve been depressed for a while now... like two years

  • @ragnar everything you said is almost exactly what I’m going through but I’m also going through a little more

  • @naveen067
    nice quote for the positive go-getter type of person,
    but for the depressed person it probably just invokes anger and bitterness .....
    I feel for anyone and everyone trapped in the grip of depression and anxiety
    because I spent my first 16 yrs of life being hated and beaten and insulted
    and being prevented from developing ..... Depression is really anger which is not activated.
    take a bath towel and twist it from furthest corner to opposite corner, then when it is done, fold it in half, and beat the living daylights out of your bed until you are exhausted - its wonderful therapy and a release.
    Something unusual that was amazing for me was EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy. Check out online Gary Craig. Its free, you dont need to pay anyone, and for me, it was liberating.
    Also Breath Work, or ReBirthing, can be amazing, allows lots of anger and misunderstanding to surface - its not cheap, and you do need a guide, but it can be incredibe.
    Also St. John's Wort is darn good at lifting depression. For it to be effective you need to take 3 x 300mg capsules a day for 21 days, and then have a 7 day break. Ignore the nonsense online about 300mg a day will change ya life ... it wont. You do need to take it as Ive said, including the 7 day break.
    Hugs to everyone.

  • @lovemyapples why you still alive? because you still breathing

  • Gamers

    I really don't know why you continue living

  • GSP Patrol - The Proofreaders

    So that you can die one day?

  • @naveen067
    Great Quote .... but,
    someone who cant sail won't have a clue what you are talking about ..... adjust your sails incorrectly and you'll be heading for a capsize

  • You just need to find something worth living for.

  • If you feel like talking send me a message, not sure if theres much i can do but i can talk 🙂

  • You are too much of a pussy to do it i guess?

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