• Ps: This post is full of rubbish you won't understand if you think in the box. You can stop reading now and go back to what you're doing if thinking in the box applies to you. Thank you.

    Death, sadness, being: broke, hurt, cheated on, abused, bullied, fucked by life.....you name it. All these things that make this beautiful earth a depression for us all have their good sides that I personally really appreciate and it's...they give value to the good stuffs of life🙂🙂🙂.
    Somebody will say "How!??"..
    •Well, how do you know how valuable your life is if you don't know the meaning of death and what it can take away from you??? Oor
    •how do you know how to care and make people or someone reaaaaally good whenevee they meet plus you...if you've never been hurt, bullied, abused, rubbed oor even thought about the good in being care full!??

    You see, they're one thing about this world that lemme say 80% of it's population hates and don't know how to do! And that thing is to Embrace/Use the things that kill us to make ourselves a hero or the reason why everyone,someone ooor our own selves is smiling and feeling good. I'm not any fresh guy here, just a regular man, but😌 the first thing I do everyday after I get off my bed is wash my face then go to mirror and admiring myself😌😌😌 #self-love and trust me it pretty works on my mood the whole day!!! I mean after feeling sexy before the glass I start/finish the day with a smile and some vibrant living energy in me😍😍😍😍 And it's so amazing ☺😍😍.

    I think I'm crazy 😆🤣🤣🤣. My point is whatever bad you're into right now and think the whole world is falling apart for you or coz of u...always have in mind and remember that you can still make something great out of that bad (trust me). Nobody would have been aware of the importance of light if there was no darkness🤷🤷🤷, so man/woman, brother/sister honey/sweetheart don't you give up and use what brings you down to reach the top😊😊😊. Remember the plane flights against the wind to take off😍So be like a plane

    Thanks for your time and reading😊☺☺☺.

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  • @evan-elderson ☺🙈🙈🙈really thanks man. I appreciate and I'm flattered ☺☺☺

  • This is good and I tried hard to think out of the box to understand this.

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  • @sup I'm very glad you understand it bruv🙂🙂