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    What are odd habits you had, or may still have, when you were a kid? Picking your boogers doesn't count.

    Mine would be chewing my hair. I did it when had nothing else to do or needed something to occupy my hands with. I'd fiddle with my hair before chewing on the ends.

    I was seven when I quit the habit. Not because I just fell out of it, but because I online line, chewing my hair, and I was playing on some website when I saw the ad about a girl who was killed because she digested her hair.

    Clicking on it, it told me about a girl who chewed her hair. The strands that she digested wrapped around her stomach, small intestine, or large intestine, I can't remember, and she had to go to the hospital for surgery.

    Ya, that's when a I quit the habit.

    Another habit I had, and still have today, is chewing my nails. I hate this habit because it ruins my nails.

    Fun Fact: When you chew your nails, it actually make your nail curve upwards when it grows back.

  • Origami? I used to make paper planes (and paper roses)back then. I still do it until now.
    Probably 'coz I'm fascinated by aerodynamics when I was young.

  • @liliputian Aw, that is adorable. I can't do origami to save my life. If you're still fascinated with aerodynamics, I know my dad would love to talk with you. He used to be a schnook pilot/engineer, and he loves UAV's.

  • Do greeting to guest and remain another room untill they go (like an introvert).

  • @naveen067 Those work, but isn't that like being shy? Also, unless it's my BF's family, today, I rarely greet people who come over and always stay in another room, but I still listen to their conversation. XP Creepy me.

  • @missv-tws-queen listening others conversation is not good habit

  • @naveen067 ... I know. Oops?

  • @missv-tws-queen hahahahaaa OK

  • Ahhhh another one,reading voraciously, since I was a small boy


  • @naveen067 always being with girls, people older than me and bathing with my sister and cousins during vacation😐😶!!!

  • @kaneki-kun said in Odd Habits When You Were A Kid:

    @naveen067 always being with girls, people older than me and bathing with my sister and cousins during vacation😐😶!!!

    The first two, I do that, but the last one... Are you a girl? If so, then that's fine. I used to take bathes with my older sister and my baby sister takes showers with my, much to my displeasure.

  • @kaneki-kun you're so lucky

  • @missv-tws-queen 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I'm a dude. It's complicated story 😂😂😂.

  • @naveen067 😂Why you saying that 😂😂😂😂??

  • @kaneki-kun No sister I'm the only son of my parents

  • Actually i hate old stuff

    It drag me back to past ages with chain of memories (good+bad)
    So i like and I am keep upgrade myself in all angles (activities, physical)
    I keep evolving

    If should say means pick my long time habit of bet wetting😁

  • I was a thumb sucker, well technically I was a pointer-finger sucker. I don't know how it started but I've been doing it since I can remember. I can't sleep without doing it. I only stopped before I entered high school so probably around 12? But a part of that habit got carried over until now. I'd always unconsciously touch my lips with my thumb, peeling off the dry skin or just scratching it.

  • @zazzles

  • I used to destroy every most of the plants I saw in front of me.

  • @steve-roger what bruh?