• Since I’m a sub I’ve always received...mixed reviews about guys being submissive, I’m wondering what’s your opinions on it? And do you consider yourself sub or dom ?

  • I'm submissive or rather I prefer to be submissive. I can be dominant however I feel that the submissive fits me better and I generally don't worry about what Society thinks about it because it's between me and whoever I am sexually active with

  • Yes, it is perfectly okay to be submissive! If you are comfortable with being this way, there is absolutely no good reason for you to alter your ways unless you are curious to try becoming dominant or even a switch. Being submissive/dominant/switch have nothing to do with who you are as an individual. It is simply a preference and should not be viewed as something better or worse.

    I personally, am dominant. Taking control is just part of being a natural leader, but just because I like to be in charge does not mean I am better than my partner.

    It is your duty to find a partner that best suits your needs, and if you enjoy being one way, the opposite is usually the best match. Less battling each other and more helping one another reach their end goal. Balance is key.

  • Inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom are two completely different realms.
    I'm not always submissive in the bedroom but I am never submissive outside of it.

  • Yes that is perfectly fine as well. I am dominant in both aspects, but reserved in public unless I am given a reason to lash out and put someone in their place in a means of self preservation and /or protecting those I care about from harm.

    I won't hesitate to retaliate. I may see all the squirrels (easily distracted) and appear hazy, but I assure you, I am fully aware of the situation.

  • @NewtTrouble you sound a lot like me. Do you happen to be an infj? XD

  • @χανιєя I am unfamiliar with this abveriation. What is infj?

  • @NewtTrouble it's just one of the 16 Meyers Bŕiggs personality types.

  • @χανιєя I think my younger sister was into that thing, I am not sure what it is. It has something to do with predicting your characteristic behaviors, who you would mesh well with, and what job you would be good at? Something like that? I don't remember what my thing was. I do recall looking it over and thinking, "well this is a load of horseshit!" And tossing it aside, but I did it because she wanted me to. I could not recall what it said about me though. Must of said something I didn't agree with though, because I remember that! Lol

  • @NewtTrouble well the test isnt 100% conclusive, you may have to take it more than once. It's difficult to accurately categorize one's personality, but if done correctly it can be almost creepy how right it is. Maybe try looking at 16personalities.com not only taking the test but looking at the different personality types. I found my test results were inaccurate but I went through and found the personality I thought best fit me, and I asked others what they thought. It sounds like it doesn't have much purpose but I've found it helpful.

  • @χανιєя I am not one to believe that taking tests will determine exact answers. You can take a test and it will give results, but I don't think all the answers will remain the same every time. You can out maneuver them if you are clever. Nothing remains consistent. I did not see any harm in trying out your test, however. It said that I am a Logistician ISTJ-A.